[PLUGIN] Get value of URL Parameter

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  • UbiGetURL

    This is my very first Plugin, so please nice to me :)

    This plugin adds the feature to get variables values passed on with the link.

    Steps of using:

    1. Add the new "UbiGetParams" Object.

    2. Using "Action:ParamGet" to tell which parameter you like to read

    3. get the requested value by accessing "UbiGetParams.ParamValue"

    I do hope someone find this as useful as I do :)


    You call your Game with the URL:


    you can set the action: "ParamGet" to "player" and it will returns the value "123456"

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  • Thanks Ubivis! That plugin works really well. It also works without having to export the project, which is a great help for testing. This is of great help to me and I'm sure others will find it useful too!


  • I made a plugin like this already a while ago:

    Query String

    Also, in the meantime, Construct is able to do this with the browser object anyway, so no additional plugin is actually required.

    Still cool that you made a plugin, of course! <img src="smileys/smiley2.gif" border="0" align="middle">

  • oh, okay... have not seen both :)

    But I am happy anyway that I managed it to get my version running. Hope I learned enough from developing this one to work on something else :)

  • Can i have a demo file please,So that i can get exact view.

  • hello

    thank you for useful plugin

    it's work fine

    but when i close construct 2 and reopen the project files it's say that there missing plugins

    any help

  • "The project you are opening uses addons that are not installed:

    Plugin `UbiGetParams` by Gunner Steincke

    Please install the missing plugins, behaviors or effects and try re-opening the project. Note projects can be opened with effects missing, but not with plugins or behaviors missing"

    the plugin already exist , when you open a new project the plugin appears

  • You can do it with the official browser plugin expressions



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