[PLUGIN] Updated LayoutTransition V1.2 - Layouts Transitions

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  • , Thanks, this plugin looks very useful!

    Any possibility that this plugin could be used on sprites?

  • Thanks rexrainbow

  • It's far too basic and general to be used.

    Sounds like you're calling it useless to me but I digress.


    It does its job and it does it well. I can definitely see a use for it as I'm currently trying to make a transition function. With this things will probably be easier.

  • eliasfrost thanks

  • Has this been tested on any of the mobile exporters? I just tried it out on a build of my game through CocoonJS launcher and it just starts to a black screen, but works great in my browser. Yes I still use CocoonJS, for some reason it always runs better than any version I try of my game in any of the other exporters

    Past that, this is a great plugin and thanks a bunch!

  • This plugin uses css. It might not be worked in cocoonJS.

  • BTW, easing action of this plugin is not controlled by dt. It might not be affected by timescale like pausing by "system action: set timescale to 0".

  • rexrainbow Ah thanks for the clarification.

    I compiled my game for Cordova and built a Xcode file for it and the plugin works but now it will do the transition (Exit), then once it has fully completed the transition Exit, it shows that same layout real quick before it goes to the next layout. So it is almost like a flicker of the same page between transitions. Just wondering if anyone has advice on maybe poorly timed parts to my event sheet or is that something it might have to do with an iOS device. I'll try and get a GIF of what happens so you see what I am saying.

  • can you show me your event sheet WHERE you have a problem ? a screenshot ?

  • I apologize, I'm at work so I haven't been able to get a screenshot but I know I just copied the Transition steps you had in your example file. From what I can guess is that, the plugin is working just fine but when switching layouts theres a bit of a laggy reaction between them since the layouts have a decent amount of stuff on them. I had put in a wait for 2 seconds after the transition ended and before it said to go to the next layout and it looks like it goes back to showing the layout you are currently on before going to the one you specify if the device has a bit of delay.

    When I get home I will try and maybe do a black layer that I set to 100 opacity when it finished the transition so maybe when it slows down for a second it could cover up the lag time between.

  • hey ,

    be sure that you are using the "Is Transition ended" before checking "Is Transition ended name"

    like this :

    if the problem persist maybe your problem is that you have 2 layouts using the same Event Sheet , check each of your Layouts event sheet , Click on a layout then , at left side "Layout Properties" -> "Event Sheet"

    another thing i added 2 values inputs to the Transition animation Duration and Delay , you can now adjut them as you want , Version 1.1

  • : Thank you, very useful. You're the best man

  • Ok here is a quick example of blank layouts I made with new event sheets for both using the exact way in the event sheets you mentioned. Works perfectly fine on the desktop but once I compile for Cordova and build for iOS, I get this random flicker of either the layout I'm leaving or the one I'm entering (seems perfectly fine the first time it leaves the first sheet..). Any kind of ideas or thoughts would be great because this would be incredibly nice for a couple games I got going. Thanks!

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  • hey , try the fix V1.1.1 , tested on Samsung S4 , Export -> Cordova , No flicker any more test it and let me know if it's working , and i am sure it will work .

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