[PLUGIN] Updated LayoutTransition V1.2 - Layouts Transitions

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  • <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_question.gif" alt=":?:" title="Question"> I am using the HTML_iFrame_Pode for displaying facebook mobile web ads in my mobile HTML5 web application. Looks like the problem happens when using with the LayoutTransitionPluginV2 and transition to a layout where the iframe is present, if I don't use the layout transition then it seems fine.https://torrid-fire-4877.firebaseapp.co ... html?test1, but for some reason I am getting a black band on the top when I put the iframe on the scrollable layout with transition. Not sure why it's coming. please help , any idea is appreciated as I am stuck ?

    My Capx : https://torrid-fire-4877.firebaseapp.co ... issue.capx and additional plugins that might be needed to download https://torrid-fire-4877.firebaseapp.co ... lugins.zip

  • Hey,

    Thank you so much for sharing this plugin, but for me it does not work, I do not now why.?!

    I just post the files on the correct folder inside the plugins folder and received like these, please see the screenshots and tell me what should I do.?

    Screenshot 1


    Screenshot 2


    I use the last version of construct 2 (r228 Beta) also Intel xdk.

    Thank you,

  • You have to remove the "layout Transition" folder

  • ok it works now, but i did not see the whole effect, only 8 i think.?

  • Hey man this is incredibly useful, top-notch work! Thanks!

  • Hi, i use your great Layout transition v1

    its possible to do transition slower?

    i set parameters to -0.001

    and transition animation is playing with normal speed

  • Where do i place the files?

    I placed the extracted folder into Construct2-->Exporters-->HTML5-->Plugins

    Opened construct and loaded your CAPX file but received this message:

    I have the same problem.

  • maybe do something similiar for sprite transition?

  • Hello ! Sorry for the inconvenience but is that someone can send me a screen actions to make on Construct 2 because I am French and I do not understand anything. Thank you !


    Hey,Someone help me please...

    I used layout transition in my game and it was working fine in previews,

    but when i exported it to cordova and compiled it with cocoon canvas+ it did not work in apk on my mobile device..

    Anyone knows anything may done wrong by me,...may be some plugin to be added in cocoon or something else i could do to fix it?

    Thanks in advance!

  • SaRaB , Yea i did not create many effects :'(

    tendividedbysix happy it helps

    delgado you can't set a negative value , you can set 0.001 something like this , it should work .

    AaronVS To install a third party plugin:

    Close Construct 2

    Copy the plugin's folder to <install path>\exporters\html5\plugins. You'll see each plugin has its own folder here, so to add a new plugin create a new folder and add the plugin's files inside it. For behaviors, copy to <install path>\exporters\html5\behaviors instead.

    Launch Construct 2 and the plugin or behavior should be available from the editor.

    If this is not working , be sure you are using the V1 not the V2 , they have different Id , so C2 understand it as they are completely different plugins

    Jackie chang , regarde ce que j'ai déjà mis comme exemple , ça devrait suffire

    it will not work on Cocoon because they have their own template , use cordova

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  • Thanks for the quick reply ,

    Also i am exporting to cordova ... are you suggesting to use intel xdk instead of cocoon ?

    Thank you

  • Also is it possible for you to provide the same effect with construct 2 event sheet somehow?

    It will be a very awesome help for me if that is possible because i have everything set according to cocoon and i dont wanna switch to intel.

    Thank you

    PS: (event sheet for just one transition would work, i will try to figure out other and share them )

  • , I always suggest Cordova , I never tried xdk , but you can try it and check if it works.

    for your seconde message , I did not understand you :p sorry :p :p :p

  • Let me clear this srry for my english in advance :p

    1.All i want to ask that after exporting to cordova from construct 2 ... where to compile my game ? such that your plugin keep working. it does not work with cocoon , you dont know about xdk , so where should i compile my game after exporting to cordova from construct 2? please forgive me for if am making a rookie mistake here! :p

    2. I want to know if i could perform same transition effect with the help of events in construct 2 only, without using your plugin as we do any other stuff simply by using construct 2 events.

    Thank you

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