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The I18N (Translation) is a Construct plugin created to translate text in game.
  • [Plugin] Translation


    provide simple translation text from JSON

    [HTML5 website] [android, blackberry10, ios, wp8, windows8] [crodova cli] [xdk] [phonegap build service]

    Translation.Add from JSON string

    then use local language text like this according to selected language: Translation.Text("home_title")




    Add texts from JSON

    Language is: Check language code

    Language is detected: Language code is detected

    Change language: Change language code

    Text: expression to get text according to the language.

    Language: expression to get language code

    JSON string format:



    ""home_title"":""Block Puzzle"",




    ""home_title"":""블록 퍼즐"",




  • Don't you think you could Implement I10n functions? node-webkit wont work standard browser language, it doesn't get value OS language, it returns en_US as static and default.

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  • Coool :) Thanks for it :)

  • Joannesalfa, can you give me a peace of advice to get language information in node-webkit?

  • Joannesalfa, can you give me a peace of advice to get language information in node-webkit?


  • Well, I'm afraid you've reinvented the wheel.

    The official browser plugin has had a "Langage" expression for almost forever.

  • Kyatric,

    yes, this seems to duplication with Browser Plugin's Language.

    but Browser Plugin's Language uses only navigator.language.

    so doesn't support bada, blackberry blackberry, windows-phone-8, windows-phone-7, IE ,windows8.

    i couldn't give up these other platforms.

    probably, official Browser Plugin's Language's support for all platforms will be best solution.

    thanks your reply.

  • Joannesalfa,

    i saw your post.

    in node-webkit navigator.language only returns en language code (english).

    roughly say, it seems that the function calls c++ lib and the library are called l10n.

    i think the best way will be the author's modification or additionn of that library.

    i looked for an alternative way and found following. (updated this plugin)

    if in node webkit, show "change language menu". (manually change language)

    i hope this help you.


  • Joannesalfa,

    updated from "System Is on platform node-wekbit" to BrowserLanguage Is supported if not node-wekbit and pokki(html5website)


  • Thanks!

    I will check that.

  • previous BrowserLanguage plugin was integrated into this plugin.


  • You should read this topic.

  • Kyatric,

    i didn't know that.

    thanks for your guide.

    if this is confused plugin with official plugin, i'd better to stop publishing this plugin.

    please guide me what i do about this plugin.

    for example, rename to Translation plugin? , delete ?

    i expect your further guide.


  • Well as mentioned in said-topic, it'd be nice to make the suggestion to Ashley to add the features you put in, and see if they can make their way into the official plugin.

  • okay

    i understand that it's better to suggest to Ashley.

    thanks a lot , Kyatric

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