[PLUGIN] Textbox Addon v2.0

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Forget about default textbox restrictions, you can create sprites atop of the textbox
  • DEPRECATED! - Use this behavior

    *Condition (add)

    • On focus
    • On blur

    *Action (add)

    • Append text
    • Scroll top
    • Select all

    "Alignment (vertical)" not stable.


  • Link for download plugin: _textbox (addon).zip

  • sprite text is possible in text box?

    PT-BR: É possivel por as fontes do sprite text no text box? Seria muito util..

    Aguardo sua resposta.

  • *en

    You can use external fonts in WebFont field:

    WebfontPath: http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=VT323

    WebfontName: VT323

    You can find some fonts made in pixels but it will not work as SpriteFont.



    Pode utilizar fonts externas no campo Webfont:

    WebfontPath: http:// fonts.googleapis .com/css?family=VT323

    WebfontName: VT323

    Poderá encontrar algumas fonts feitas em pixels mas ela não irá trabalhar como SpriteFont.

    Thanks !

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  • [quote:2fjq9r1x]

    New version v1.92

    • Scroll Top
    • Select All
  • Please do not adjust official plugins or behaviors.

    Sounds like you based your plugin off the official Textbox plugin.

    Couldn't you instead add the properties and modifications your brought as a behavior to add to a textbox object ?

    That, perhaps, could make more sense and prevent issues in the long run.

  • I had not thought about creating a behavior, I can try to convert.

  • I come from China mainland ,Because of restrictions on Chinese firewall,I can not on the Dropbox website,so I failed to get your plugins:TextboxAddon.

    And now, I encountered a problem ,that is when I input any information on Android phones;the whole page will scale to a not normal size(<1),but if input on iphone,that is OK,the page scoll to top;

    I do not know how to solve it,maybe your plugin can helps me,

    here is my E-mail address:18810277852@163.com

    thanks a lot.

  • Hi ZycGame

    I send you by email but I think the plugin should not solve this problem.

    Good luck!

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