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  • This is a simple 2 dimensional associative array (values access by "name" instead of integer "0" index). It functions just like the official "Dictionary" plugin but it has 2 dimensions instead of 1.

    It supports loading raw JSON data directly to it which can be useful if you do a lot with AJAX.

    It supports minification and I believe all bugs have been found but if you find any please let me know. I use this in all my projects so I will actively maintain it to ensure it works correctly.



    Example capx that demonstrates all functions supported.


    If you have any questions or need help using it Ill do my best to answer in a timely manor.

    Thank you

    P.S I also created a 3D version so you if you need a larger object you can try out the "Storage" plugin instead.

    [Plugin] - Storage (3D Dictionary)


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  • Hi,

    Thanks for this plugin, that's help me a lot. But I need you're help.

    Currently I get two server response type:

    first have this form : "{"USER":"CAN'T_CONNECT"}" and i have no probleme to get the user parameter.

    second have this form "{"USER":{"somekey":"somevalue"}} and when I try to get USER value with Table.Get("Query","USER") but i get "0" and not my json object.

    Any tips to fix that?

  • AGCompany - No problem let me see if I can help .. So if I understand you correctly your trying to load this into the table object and and then get the "somekey" value out of out it?

    "USER": {
    	"somekey": "somevalue"
    A 2D JSON object is considered a Table and each row in it is a List and each List has fields with Values. 
    Table=> [List]  => [Field]      = Value 
    Table=> USER => somekey = somevalue
    You need to use the "Merge JSON to Table action to load your JSON object and then use the Table.Get([ul],[field]) expression to retrieve the value
    The screen shot above will print "somevalue" to the text object
    Here is a capx demonstrating how to get the value
    Hopefully this helps
  • That's it, thank's for the help

  • where is the download link?

  • he forgot it :p :p

  • Yah.. the forum doesnt support files any more.. i need to upload it to drop box and create a link.. ill gget the links up tomorrow

  • thanks

  • Moved files to drop box and updated the links... they can be downloaded again.

  • Hi, very cool plugin, saved me a lot of messing around with arrays and dictionaries, great work!

    I am having problems getting "Sort List" to work on my table, is this action not fully working yet?

    I am asking because I noticed it is not documented in the example capx.

  • - Hi and thank you ...you're right i must have forgotten to add it to the text capx. sorry about that.. i use it in my project so i know feature works but i just in case tested it anyway and add it to the example. You will find it at the bottom now if you wish to re-download the test capx for reference.

    ands here's screenshot of the example on how to sort

    let me know if you find anything else i missed or if you have any questions.. thank you

  • Oh i see my problem now, it sorts the fields by value, I thought from the description that it was to sort the list by fields.





    Is this possible?

  • - ah.. easy enough.. I just added it and updated the plugin.. if you re-download the plugin and the example capx again you will see at the bottom how to sort a list by fields instead of values.. the action is called "sort list by field".

  • Great, thanks a lot!!!

  • This plugin is exactly what I was looking for!

    Thank you for putting the work in and saving me hours!!!

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