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  • This plugin integrates the Synaptop API into Construct 2. This supports various functions useful for multiplayer, as well as message prompts and other features.

    Here's a download link: New Link

    Here's a video tutorial that covers everything from installation to running the App on Synaptop:

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    And here's another video tutorial, this one demonstrates how to use a few of the functions included in the plugin:

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    Here's the documentation on the functions supplied: It's on Blogger

    Here's a link to Synaptop's website: Watch movies with friends

    If you have any questions/comments concerns or make anything with the API, send me a note, I'd love to hear.

  • How suposed work?

  • I have a video tutorial and a readme file explaining how it works. Please elaborate on what you want to know.

  • Sorry my English not are to good, I try to ask what what can make with synaptop?

  • The plugin works in the Synaptop API, which gives you access to the functions described on the documentation page, as long as the project is being run as an app on Synaptop.

    Here are some functions that I've found useful in the past:

    Broadcast/Receive Message: This allows the app to communicate with other players invited to the app, thus allowing multiplayer functionality.

    Display Message: This makes a pop up window with the desire message, this is useful for debugging and to notify the user of important events.

    On New Subscriber/On Subscriber Disconnect: Helps keep track of what friends are currently playing the game with the main player, which is again useful for networking.

    You can check out a few games that I have made for Synaptop with construct 2 on their website, you'll find them in the Synapstore, two of my games you might want to check out are Tic Tac Toe and Cards vs Mankind.

  • question if this is for multiplayer as you posted! is it free?! since you use subscriber comand lines i think isnt so why to pay for synaptop if i have free multiplayer from scirra?!

  • Synaptop is free, the API is free, subscribing is free. But rather, "subscriber" might not me the correct term for what they're going at.

    In the Synaptop API, the function "onSubscriber" occurs whenever someone you invited to a game joins the game. I have carried the terminology over from the API into the plugin, which is why it appears that way in the plugin.

  • Ok I updated a couple of the links such as the video tutorial and download link. Make sure to tell me if you have any problems with anything or complete any game (I'd like to see it).


  • Thanks for sharing

  • ty for sharing

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  • Thank you!

  • You're welcome ^^ If you're using it and have questions or feedback please send them my way. Also if you have complete game for Synaptop, I'd love to see it.

  • I got my second tutorial video up and ready to view. (It's in the OP)

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