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  • Hello guys,

    This is my first post here, and i am glad i can share this awesome program with you, all.

    I really like this piece of software , so i decided to try develop some plugins. My main interest area is outside of gaming, somehow, so i decided to begin with some shapes... the basic ones..a circle and a path.

    I am still working at these plugins, i ask myself if it will be some interest in them.

    They can be used in games too!

    I mean, for interfaces (they are scalable),huds, even some game elemnts could be some nifty pathes, for presentations, visualisations other kind of webapp .

    Till i come here with plugin files please take a look at this demo (proof of concept):


    Play around a bit, and i'm waiting here for comments.

    Note: where is not webgl possible , the SVG layer doesnt appear in right place , i will investigate later ...

    Thank you and good luck to all of you!


  • Very nice. I can see lots of people being interested in this :)

    Look forward to trying out the plugin(s) :)

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  • wow, so, can you create the shapes on the fly with events? or do you actually load svg files? also, in the future might it be possible to texture the shapes?

  • Very cool. Please keep on going!

  • I prepare a surprise behaviour...

    And of course, it's possible to add SVG Image , but it cannot make sense, the Sprite plugin is much faster and powerfull.

    All is created at runtime, nothing to load.

    Design the shape in whatever tool you wish to , and an event could be :

    System->On start of layout : MyAwesomeShape-> set path data to "M100,20 c 125,478........."

    After that you can animate some style and path itself to make cool morphs, drag the shape around, respond to click, dblclick, hover, end animation .

    For each animation you specify a delay in ms., a number of repeat times, an ease type (linear, bounce, elastic, EaseOut....etc).

    I will try to not implement any feature that is currently possible in standard plugins.

    Ahh ... and i played a bit adding some physics to shapes or 8 dir movements and stuff. Once again, Construct 2 is verrrryyy nice ....!!

  • So are you using some sort of library or just the w3 standards?

  • strange and yet...wonderful.

    please keep going sir.

  • I've posted a "behaviour topic" for followPath stuff here:

    follow path

    I think this is just usefull for game developers ... isnt it?

    A fragment of the event sheet for the wierd demo ...

    <img src="http://inspi.comyr.com/cons/cons.JPG" border="0">

    See you!

  • Narcis13: well it could be useful and will even be more when you release the files for the plugin and the behavior.

    The demos look super cool, and I'm sure a few users around would love to try those extensions in their own projects <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Yeah that could be very useful:)

  • Oh I mean add textures that are warped on the paths

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