[Plugin] Spritefont (28th August 2012)

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  • <font size="5"><font color=red>UPDATE!</font></font>

    Apparently I'm on a roll today.

    • WebGL is now fully supported
    • added "force point sampling" property (only works in WebGL, useful if you use pixel font)
    • added horizontal and vertical spacing (kerning and line spacing) - can use this to get letters closer together
  • Excellent plugin. This will be very useful. Thanks Mipey!


  • Hey Mipey. I think there's a bug in the latest build. Seems to work fine when previewing my game but the characters don't show up at all in the exported version. (Not using WebGL.)

  • Hey Mipey. I think there's a bug in the latest build. Seems to work fine when previewing my game but the characters don't show up at all in the exported version. (Not using WebGL.)

    <font color=green>Fixed.</font>

    Google Closure's javascript minifier is one odd thing... I was using a structure (var tile = { "w":0, "h":0 ... }), which was improperly minified. Turns out that property names must not be enclosed in double quotes. The issue that Ashley once warned about was not to use Object["property"] notation, but it didn't occur to me that also included curly brackets.

    Well, javascript level up for me. Thanks for spotting the issue!

  • Wow, this is a godsend for a project I'm currently working on with random points popping up on the screen. I had created my own string to sprites font "engine" using events but it was somewhat bugged and laggy with lots of points at the same time, so thanks a ton for creating this!

  • I love you Mipey.

  • Works fine now. Thanks for checking it out!

  • Hey i've been trying go get it to work with a BMFont exported font image. I tweaked export options on BMFont as best i could to make it compatible with the Plugin. It failed of course :| . So i ask would it be possible to make the plugin read the characters locations XML exported by BMFont ? Or is there a sure way to arrange the charset image on a image editor ? I couln't follow the tutorial on first page at all. I used Paint.Net maybe with Photoshop ?

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  • Oh, I just type out a string of characters, paste them into Paint.NET, adjust them as needed (in one row or several rows, either work fine, though the latter is better for compatibility with older cards) and there we go.

    As far as BMFont goes, I couldn't figure out how to export properly tiled charmap... Of course I could adjust the spritefont to work with xml, but I have no idea how to reliably load external files. So, yeah... sorry. :(

  • Well, ok then, thanks anyway :|

  • Well, would loading the XML via Ajax be an option ? Your plugin is already awesome. Only problem with it is importing method and display text in edit time :) I thought of researching this and trying to add it to the plugin but it would involve a bit of changing. Anyway i'll keep researching.

  • That'd be great. After hotspots and edittime rendering, I was hoping to improve the importing method. And with the XML import there'd be no obstacles for variable size fonts anymore.

  • THNX Mipey for sharing your work.

  • Hi Mipey, great plugin.

    Does it support alpha channels?

    The characters have a semi-transparent drop shadow on the .PNG I'm importing. But it appears like solid black on the game.

  • That's strange, I can't think of anything in spritefont that would affect the image's alpha channels. I can get semi-transparent PNGs to display properly.

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