[Plugin] Spritefont (28th August 2012)

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  • Awesome :)

    Many thanks, Mipey. Just what I needed.

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  • Awesome, now if there was version like this for CC. I know Lucid's still exists, but it doesn't have "Set X" "Set Y".

    Is it possible to have the fonts closer together?

  • You can make your own fonts, though they have to be monospaced.

  • So, I can't do something like this through events?

    <img src="http://dl.dropbox.com/u/32409323/batnumbersa.png" border="0" />

  • Yeah... custom kerning would be awesome!

  • Well, I'm a novice at the whole plugin dev show, so I can't promise any complex features like that. Once I acquire more "know-how", I may consider rewriting the plugin to allow for such vile trickery. Heh.

    Until then, each letter has an allocated amount of space within the font strip texture, you can move letters manually within that space - up or down a bit. Horizontal space is a bit trickier without a plugin rewrite.

    Basically, the plugin is a quick, beginner's dirty job (even though I slaved over it for several days).

  • Added to my test version of Tiny Tombs and it works a treat.

    Excellent work Mipey.

  • Great plugin Mipey! Very simple to use and easy to set up.

    One question though; are you planning on adding "write text"? That would be great for dialogue and stuff!

    edit: Until then..is there any way to pull this off with just events?

  • Tokinsom are you talking about a typewriter effect ?

  • Yes, exactly! Thanks for the link.

  • Oh, man. WebGL. Need to review the plugin in order to take advantage of the new renderer, while still working on "old" 2d canvas.

  • Hope you do well ;)

    If I include spritefont in my project with webGL enabled, I get a grey screen.

  • <font size="3"><font color=red>Preliminary update!</font></font>

    Right, I've implemented basic WebGL support. It's very... rough right now. A day's work.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: may have to use a power of 2 texture (there are cases when it only shows black blocks... haven't figured out why)

    ANOTHER NOTE: WebGL support is separate from regular 2D canvas context, so it should be safe to continue working on your projects using the SpriteFont. If you have an idea what could cause the "black plague" problem, let me know!

  • Looks great!

    I am still getting issues in regards to seeing small artefacts (thin vertical lines) around the edges of letters, and distortions (ragged edges, displaced pixels). No idea what is causing this.

    I use WebGL and am not using power of two textures, so that's good.

    But I can add spritefont to my project without worry now? Updates won't break all my spritefont objects?

  • I've just uploaded another update, Ashley pointed out that I was loading the texture with tiling parameter on. So now it should work nicely!

    I've also fixed offsets. For the most parts.

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