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  • Sprite Sheet 1.0

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/ani7jkuhhcffb ... addon?dl=0

    A single image object where a sub-image can be used for drawing.

    For lack of a better description it's like tiledbg with image offset but without repeating textures. It should be useful in situations like this:

    http://www.scirra.com/forum/request-til ... 75513.html



    One thing to point out is this object's "load image url" action replaces the replaces the object type's image not just the instance's like sprite and tiledbg does. So only one image per object type.R0J0hound2013-10-26 19:38:27

  • Awesome!! It seems only the default properties work though; messing with the offset/size parameters with events doesn't do anything. Tested in Chrome, NW, FF, IE.

  • Opps, it was a typo on my end. Should be fixed, just re-download.


    Wow, hands down the most useful SC2 plugin ever!

  • Would you make examples like tileset, infinite background, etc. using this plugin? r0j0hound made a plugin for your request, I'm still unaware what are benefits using Sprite Sheet plugin, It would be nice if you help him.

  • Joannesalfa Well it's missing some features that make it practical for tilesets & overlays but it's definitely a step in the right direction.

    1) The texture doesn't repeat

    2) Only one image per object type

    If these things can be fixed then we will have an amazing tileset/image offset plugin on our hands and I'd be happy to make examples including a mini tile-based editor.

  • Um "set sub-image offset and size" isn't working from events.

  • newt

    It should be working, re-download it. I fixed it after MadFactory reported it in the second post.

  • Thanks, its working now.

  • - The texture is repeating infinitely for me just fine.

  • Yeah it's working now :) Just had to re-download.

  • Not sure if this is working as intended but just FYI, this doesn't wrap correctly when the offset causes a wrap. E.g. one easy way to reproduce is to make the subwidth the same as the texture size, then offset x by some amount. I was planning to use this to randomly sample different parts from one repeating texture to procedurally generate some content but it seems like I'll have to pad my texture with itself on all sides if this is the intended behavior.

    EDIT: The problem seems to only happen in the editor. It looks like it's correctly wrapping in game.

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  • Hello the plugin works wonders. It really should be added to official construct build. Actually i don't know why it haven't been added already.

    One question i have - when offsetting there is a small, like "jump" or a notch. To eyes, it looks like the image would jump forward and then jump back. Thats when i offset with "SpriteSheet.offsetX-10" method. The notch happends every 0,5-1sec and is not FPS related (the FPS was 60 all the time without any even slightest drop). This jump happends regardless if i base the offset OF the offset or variable and regardless of how high the offsetting speed is.

    Also the size of the graphics and the object in editor seems to not affect the "jump".

    Tested in Nodekit, Chrome and Firefox. The jump is best visible when running in Chrome.

    One thing that comes to my mind which would be the final touch is adding IMAGE angle and coresponding actions/expressions. You know, so i can change the angle of the image ONLY.

    Beside that - i am full of awe. As always with you R0J0.

    Sorry for typos and whatnot - i just woke up.

  • Thanks. This will be extremely useful for me.

  • I don't notice any jump, but I guess it depends on what you did.

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