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  • Hi added these minor changes to the Facebook plugin and I wanted to share them with the community:

    • one action: "Request friends info" it uses FQL to query the names and profile picture url of all the friends of the currently logged user and stores the info in an internal array.
    • one trigger: "On Friends Info available" a trigger called when the above action finishes receiving the information.
    • three expression:

    1. Get Friend Name:Gets the name of a friend in the internal array populated by "Request friends info".

    2. Get Friend Picture URL: Gets the URL of the profile picture of a friend in the internal array populated by "Request friends info". This URL is useful with other plugins that load images at runtime from an url.

    3. Get Number of Friends: Gets the number of friends stored in the internal array populated by "Request friends info".

    To download the modified plugin (FacebookMod) download FacebookMod.zip from http://sites.google.com/site/jptarqu/downloads. The zip has a sample project. Make sure you change the app id in the sample.

  • I cannot currently use this since I don't use the Facebook Plugin. Yet, this sounds like a great contribution Juantar. (Downloaded just in-case) :]

    Edit: I get an error on C2 startup pointing to C:/c2... - I'm assuming it has to do with us having different install paths.

  • Index I fixed the plugin to prevent that error. It was an error in the edittime file.

  • Does it work with Direct Canvas?

  • dusoft : probably not because it uses the same techniques as the official plugin.

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  • can you share a capx?

    Im not sure how to set all this up...

  • HI:

    �Do Works this plugin in ios, android and other mobile platforms?

    And with Cocoonjs?

    Sorry by my english...


  • JonathanCastro : I don't know I have not test it wioth those. I no longer work in this plugin. I left it here in case another plugin developer wanted to get the source.

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