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  • Hey guys!

    Recently I needed a feature that explores the use of a QR Code Scanner in my C2 app. I have searched for similar plugins, but the majority of them could decode them from sprites or saved images (which is a pain in iOS: that is my case ). I also have found the `barcodescanner` plugin, but I had some difficulties customizing it...

    So, I have implemented a C2 plugin that is based on the `gizscanqrcode` Cordova plugin. I have made a copy of it in my GitHub just for convenience.

    The C2 plugin can be found in https://github.com/rafaelfl/simpleqrscanner. A capx example is also provided.

    I hope this can be useful for you.



  • Nice bro!

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  • Hi rafaelfl

    Thank you so much for your work! Plugin work perfectly! But I have a problem - I use Phonegap Build for creating my app, when I add this plugin and build for android he renames my app to "Multiple Image Select". Why it happen? How I can fix it?

  • Hi radbrothers!

    Thx for the feedback! I don't have any experience using the PhoneGap, so I have no idea why this is happening. :(

    Have you tried to search that name inside the plugin?



  • Can you convert to c3???

  • Is this working on C3? or any QR code scanner for C3?

  • I want this to work, SO BAD! Im sure it does. How do I point this to a file or User Media to decode. I dont understand the work flow. Can someone help me?

  • Well i got it workig (sorta of it), some times its get buggy, i need a solution as well

  • I want this to work, SO BAD! Im sure it does. How do I point this to a file or User Media to decode. I dont understand the work flow. Can someone help me?

    I also want to know how this works... Can plugin maker please explain how it works? :D

  • Hey guys! I'm sorry! I was not following the topic!

    In the repository has a capx example. Basically I have created a C2 plugin that calls the cordova-gizwits-scan-qrcode code.

    To get it working you have to:

    1. Add the cordova-gizwits-scan-qrcode plugin to your config.xml. I made a copy of the original repository in github.com/rafaelfl/cordova-gizwits-scan-qrcode.

    <plugin name="https://github.com/rafaelfl/cordova-gizwits-scan-qrcode.git" spec="https://github.com/rafaelfl/cordova-gizwits-scan-qrcode.git"/>

    Another way to do this is cordova plugin add https://github.com/rafaelfl/cordova-gizwits-scan-qrcode.git .

    2. Create a folder named simpleqrscanner in your "Construct 2\exporters\html5\plugins" and copy the content of the src folder to it.

    3. Restart C2. In your C2 project, using the double-click, include the plugin simpleqrscanner into your project.

    4. Follow the sample file: create the action Decode QR Code and handle the conditions QR Code has been decoded, QR Code was cancelled and Error decoding the QR Code.

    That's all folks! I didn't tried to use it in C3 (I don't know how plugins are managed in it), but when I have some time I will read about it.



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