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  • I present to you my first plugin.

    This plugin allows you to store encrypted data. It serves as protection from programs like ArtMoney and similar to it.

    It uses simple encryption, which does not create any load on the CPU so it can be safely used on mobile devices.

    At the moment, only added to the main action, such as the Add key, Set key, Add to key, Subtract from key.

    Add and Subtract, respectively, work only with numerical data, that is, if you have a cell is a text value, and you try to take it away from her and cause an error value in the cell will be NaN.

    The contents of the storage are available in two versions: JSON containing the only data keys (to save the data storage within the application through WebStorage or LocalStorage) and JSONWithKey containing the above all else the key for encryption (for data storage between applications with different keys encryption). Upload can be relevant action.

    As they say better luck next time. So if you notice any errors in operation or in the description, please let me know.

    Download from GoogleDrive

    Google considered that the file could be malicious and blocked it. Submitted an unlock request. If the file is still missing, then it was rejected

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  • Hello, I'm looking for a plugin to save JSON data safely.

    That the user can not alter them.

    I'm not sure but I think this plugin will be useful for this ?.

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