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  • it was a bit hard to get a grab on it, but with the Csv plugin i can put "," with the double "" trick. Thanks : ).

    I have another question: is it possible to put a random time for the delay?

    i tried something like that :

    "math.random(3),print,""Call('test', 'j1','1')""
    1,print,""Call('test', 'j2','1')""
    1,print,""Call('test', 'j4','1')"""[/code:2h5j724q]
    But scenario would just jump to the second print and not do the first print.
  • Update: Support "eval" on command name field.

    Evaluated command name

    Sample capx

    Command name, i.e. the first cell of each row, is a number for delay-execution or one of these words -- wait, tag, exit, if, else if ,else, end if, goto usually.

    It also supports "eval" on this field to get evaluated result while property "Eval mode" is "Yes".

    For example,

    Math.random(),function_name,parameter0,parameter1 ...

    it puts Math.random() at first cell to get a random delay.


    You might try this new version.

  • pirikos

    Using CSV plugin to create the csv string for scenario object is not a good idea.

    Because the first row and first column are unique keys in CSV plugin. The formats of csv string in CSV plugin and scenario plugin are different.

  • Nice!

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  • Sry i'm late ! THanks a lot, great work ;.; .

  • Something to note Rex- i'm opening someone elses CAPX and getting 'cannot find action ID42' in the Scenario plugin. I'm guessing this was removed. Which version has it please?

  • ScenarioJ


    rex_scenario plugin runs external commands (script) in csv format, which can be edited in excel, open office, or google document. It could not handle control commands like for loop, while, if..else if ... else.. well. So I tried to find another command (script) format with a better editor. Then I found that I could use C2 event sheet to be the external commands (script) editor, and save commands (script) in JSON format.

    This rex_scenarioJEditor plugin provides actions/conditions/expressions to build external commands (script), then gets the content of commands (script) in JSON string, runs it in rex_scenarioJEngine object.

    Snapshot of editor:

    • Editor: Create Scenario-Json commands. These commnds (script) could be saved into a string variable or an external text file.
    • Engine: Execute Scenario-Json commands which created from rex_scenarioJEditor plugin.
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