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  • rexrainbow Hmmm, it still don't work here. I use the example from your post, and directly export it without altering anything. When I tried to open the index.html it only show blank white page.

    I use C2 R.114 Standard early adopter. Firefox ver 18.

    Btw, I install the plugin from your App Repo. There are new updates for Scenario, I will try it again after updating.

    Edit: Works well with the latest update. Thanks a lot rex! <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • baterism

    Have fun!

  • Update

    • Support save/load system.
    • User does not need to assign timeline object if there is only 1 timeline object in the environment.
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  • Update

    Fix bug at "action continue"

    Fix bug at parameter with newline

  • Update

    Designers (include me) sometimes will miss '' for string parameters. So I add an option in properties table to turn off the "Eval mode" of parameters.

    If the parameters are strings and numbers only (no expressions). Designer could turn off "Eval mode" to "No" in properties table.

    There are two modes for parameters set in properties table:

    • Eval mode = Yes: parameters will be got through "eval", so parameter with string type need to use '' like this sample.
    • Eval mode = No : parameters will be got directly, the string did not need add ''.

    For example,

    a parameter string "hi"

    • Eval mode = Yes : 'hi'
    • Eval mode = No : hi   (did not need add '')

    b. parameter number 1

    • Eval mode = Yes : 1
    • Eval mode = No : 1

    c. parameter expression: 1+1

    • Eval mode = Yes : 1+1
    • Eval mode = No : Not support
  • Update

    5,6,7,8 if, else if, else, end if


    if,MEM[0] == 0,
    else if,MEM[0] == 1,
    else if,MEM[0] == 2,
    end if,,

    User should set "Eval mode" to "Yes". The string "MEM[0] == 0" will be eval to get true or false. The start of if-block is "if", the end of if-block is "end if". Now it noly supported one level if-block, it did not support nested if-block.

    Note that, user should not put any tag in the if-block.

  • Update

    Add "Call" to call official function object (condition:on function) just like "expression:Call", to get return value which calculated in event sheet. User could get data stored in other object like array/dictionary/csv through event "on function" and "action:set return value"

    User should set "Eval mode" to yes, to use this feature.


    Call('GetValue', MEM['s'])

    It will trigger condition:on function "GetValue" to get return value. The format of "Call" is

    function_name, param0, param1, ...
  • Hey Rex -

    Heads up that I'm getting an error when I try to use the new "Call" capability. The same error occurs when trying to run your sample test_scenario_Call,MEM.capx. I believe that I have the latest plug-in installed and I know that the Eval mode is set to Yes. The error states that the Object does not have a 'Call' method and refers to line 559 col 52.

  • HuskyPants

    I had fixed this problem before.

    You might re-download scenario plugin and try again.

  • rexrainbow

    I downloaded the latest rex_scenario (Update:2014-03-07 11:22:23) from your C2Repo. I deleted the entire /plugins/rex_scenario folder and re-extracted with 7zip. Started up C2, then tried the same sample capx and I'm getting the same error. Any other ideas?

    Update: nevermind. I needed to download the latest rex_timeline and that fixed the issue. Thanks for a great plugin.

  • I move the document of this plugin to here. Hope it would be more easier to be understood.

  • New:

    Add Scenario behavior , the behavior version of scenario plugin.

  • Update

    Add "action: append commands".

    Report here if user found new bugs.

  • Hi!!

    This plugin is really a life saver for me because i have a lot of text in my game ! Thanks Rex ;....;

    THat being said, i have a problem. I can't put a "," in the text i want to send in my function with scenario. Without eval mode, using the "," cut the text because it's the separator for a new parameter. With eval mode, it make my project bug (as using ":" in eval mode).

    If you have a solution, i'm all hear: D

  • pirikos

    You might use excel or google document to edit the content of scenario, then export/save as to csv file.

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