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  • Here's a new plugin which combined Radio buttons and Checkbox buttons.

    I hope it helps you to make some incredibles projects

    I have plenty of plugins ideas as well as ideas for new options to add to those are already released, I stay open to all your ideas. I share these plugins with you, so don't be affraid to make me improve some of them

    Radio & CheckBox

    Version: 1.14 (21/01/2013) .

    Tried in Internet Explorer 9.0.3 / Opera 11.51 / Chrome 15.0.874 (issue) / Safari 5.1.2 (issue) / Firefox 8.0 / Mobile Safari (iOS 4)

    Download RadioCheckbox.rar


    By default, the Radio & CheckBox plugin sets on Radio Single Type. The separator is '//' and the font color is black. For the moment, the plugin can't set another font than Arial, but it will be add in the next versions.

    Type ? Choose between 'Radio Single', 'Radio List', 'Checkbox Single' or 'Checkbox List'.

    It directly influences the aspect in Construct 2.

    Here are Checkbox List and Radio List aspect. Because I used special characters for the square and the circle, let me know if you have font issues please.

    Here are Checkbox Single and Radio Single aspect.

    Text ? Write here the text of your button(s). For list types, you can separe each line by a separator which you can set in the Separator property. e.g. Henry//John//Alison (// is the separator).

    Separator ? Set the separator that you want to use in the Text property.

    As default: //

    Tooltip ? Set the text of the tooltip.

    Enabled ? Choose wether the Radio & Checkbutton is enabled or disabled on startup.

    It directly influences the aspect in Construct 2

    Font color ? Choose color for the font.

    z-Index ? Set the z-Index for this instance. (To go to front or to back of other objects)



    Change tooltip ? Set or change the text of the tooltip.

    Disable all lines ? Disable all lines of the list. Only works with List type object.

    Enable all lines ? Enable all lines of the list. Only works with List type object.

    Check all lines ? Check all checkboxes of the list. Only works with Checkbutton List type object.

    Uncheck all lines ? Uncheck all lines of the list. Set to '0' for Single Type objects.


    Change text(text, ID) ? Change the text of the line by its ID. Set to '0' for Single Type objects.

    Disable a line(ID) ? Disable a line by its ID. Set to '0' for Single Type objects.

    Enable a line(ID) ? Enable a line by its ID. Set to '0' for Single Type objects.

    Check a line(ID) ? Check a line by its ID. Set to '0' for Single Type objects.

    Uncheck a line(ID) ? Uncheck a line by its ID. Set to '0' for Single Type objects.



    isChecked ? If a line is checked on the list, true is return.

    isEnabled ? If a line is enabled on the list, true is return.



    getIDChecked ? Return a string corresponding to the ID of the actual checked line. Only works with Radiobutton List type object.

    getLabel(ID) ? Return the text of a line by its ID. Set to '0' for Single Type objects.

    getNumberChecked ? Return the total number of checked line.

    TODO List for this plugin.

    • Add font properties.
    • Improve the visual side of the plugin (in Construct 2).
    • A french version.

    Let me know your suggestions, requests and corrections (as about language) as well as any bug report.


  • Wow Thanks, Yet another great useful plugin!!! Keep it up :)

  • Amazing Thanks :)

  • Very nice plugins :)

  • Thanks guys, unfortunately I found some bugs this morning.

    I'll fix it before the end of the week.

    Sorry !

  • Bugs fixed in this new version.

    Please update it, and sorry for those bugs ;)


  • Thanks!

  • Changelog v1.11 [Fix] Text issue in the Construct 2 Editor (since R72).

  • Thanks for the fix

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  • Changelog v1.12

    [Fix] Fix bug occured with the touch plugin on crop/scale mode.

  • Thanks for all your work! Great plugin! God bless :)

  • Love the plugin, but I think I found a bug or a non-feature. All the radio and check box buttons don't disappear when you hide the layer it's in. What do you think?


  • It's obviously a problem.

    I don't really know how does exactly the hidding method work... ?

    Maybe Ashley can tell me more about it ?

    I'll try to fix it asap though.

  • I got my radio buttons showing in my Layout: Easy//Hard.

    But how do you assign your selection to put a number into a Global Variable in the event sheet? Say Easy selection assigns a 0 and Hard assigns a 10 to the GlobalVar Diff?

  • Guyon

    Use the GetIDChecked expression of the RadioCheckbox object.

    Here's a screenshot from the eventsheet.

    See that the index is based on 0.

    <center><img src="http://dl.dropbox.com/u/27157668/construct2/help/capx/radiobutton_globalVar.png" border="0" /></center>

    I should change this though.

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