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  • Who would have thought that even I could do it?! Here's my first C2 plugin Query String (alpha).

    <img src="http://dl.dropbox.com/u/2306601/qstring.png" border="0">

    It retrieves query strings added to your game's url through expressions, simple as that.

    To clarify:


    Now in Construct we can get these arguments by using the Query String object's expressions. QueryString.Get("user") will return "gamer" in this case.

    How is this useful? You could think of it sort of as a command line method for C2 games. For example you could add ?debug=true to your game's url to start it up in a special debug mode.

    I for one made this plugin because I wanted to pass whole levels in form of long strings directly to the game for an experimental project.

    Also note that this doesn't work in preview mode, because apparently you can't add query strings to the preview localhost url. You will have to export the project in order to use this.

    Download Query String plugin (alpha)

    More features will eventually be added. Use at your own risk.

    Parts of the javascript used in this plugin by JohnKrutsch, found through Google. Thanks! <img src="smileys/smiley32.gif" border="0" align="middle">

  • Pretty interesting idea.

    Grats, and thanks.

  • Nice call indeed.

    This plugin will be very useful, thanks a lot PixelRebirth.

  • I'm planning on using WebStorage to save game state so when a user quits the game they will (hopefully) be able to play offline on a mobile device.

    I really like the plugin you've generated because it will allow me to build in overrides to the current WebStorage data to send commands to the game like change the current level (i.e. Layout), clear the cache (WebStorage kvp's) and control the WebStorage in general via the URL. Very cool addition.

  • just what I needed! Awesome!

  • If any one variable is not in query, then the application stops responding


  • Where do I install these files? and It's an option like ajax, or function?

    Sorry, I'm new to this. but I want this functionality.

    PS, great work! :)

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  • Sounds great but would this work in CocoonJS, as that doesn't have a url if i'm not mistaken?

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  • Don't use this plugin guys, it may cause problems. C2 supports query strings by default for a while now, so this is obsolete in any case.

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