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  • Add Paypal payments to your application/game.

    The plugin is in early development phase so only the Buy button is included. As always, all future updates are included with every purchase free of charge for the current API. So get your copy now while its 50% off.


  • Push!

  • Great work! Many webgame developers will need paypal plugin for monetization.

    Is this plugin need my own php to make it work?

    Or I can just buy and use it with my paypal settings?

  • Can you show some more screenshots of how it looks setup ? Do you simply call it by pressing a button? or does it embed some sort of widget into your game?

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  • You create a hosted button in your PayPal tools. This way keeps users from manipulating the price on you. When you do that, it gives you an ID code within the cut and paste code it creates. Place that id in the spot shown. Return text is the text that appears on the return to merchant button that appears on the PayPal receipt page. The success and cancel buttons are the url pages that you want a user to go to when they have completed a purchase or cancelled a purchase. The notify url while not required for a successful purchase, really is needed. It's the file that called where you will perform any actions necessary, such as saving the purchase to a MySQL database, or sending the file via email to the user as an attachment. I have included a skeleton copy of this file in the download. It's clearly labeled in the file where you need to place your success logic.

  • Does it allow unlocking something already present in the game when the transaction is done (without having the player to download something or check their emails) ?

  • It works, there is just a mistake in the URL, it's a http, not a https : http://lockegames.com/?shopp_product=paypal-plugin

  • It works, there is just a mistake in the URL, it's a http, not a https : http://lockegames.com/?shopp_product=paypal-plugin

    the facebook payment looks sexy also damn need to buy them both soon <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_biggrin.gif" alt=":D" title="Very Happy"> i have Q3d bought, and for sure i need the paypal payment link unless i can do it for browser cause im guessing its doing same thing, its not loading it in the app ... iframes are resource hougs, but the facebook plugin and paypal is a must <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_smile.gif" alt=":)" title="Smile"> easier to set and a different market larger actually then the IAP;s for mobile

  • Yeah, I had an ssl cert but I can't seem to get it to install properly. So the only sure fire way to visit my site now is by http://lockegames.com

  • Does your plugin allow unlocking something already present in the game when the transaction is done (without having the player to download something or check their emails) ?

  • hanks

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    how long takes to proceed?

    Edited... never mind i got the link to download

  • Yes, PayPal will ping a file on your server. It's up to you to save that data to a database and check it via an Ajax call.

  • Where can I find this? It's nowhere on your site

  • h1k3 I don't see the plugin to buy it...

  • Sry but I wouldn't recommend to use this plugin. Here are my reasons:

    1. I don't see the case that user's really accept this. If you create a great game you will be forced to publish it on ios/android/steam. Conversion rates will be higher using payment methods of these stores.

    2. Even if there is a case where early games are requesting donations per paypal you can just simply link out to your paypal merchant account. Everything is stored by paypal and it would feel better for the user. Imagine there is an API error happening that takes out money from the user but show wrong messages and users get confused.

    3. The plugin is stated "early development" which is not good for anything that has to do with sensitive user data especially payment data.

    4. I don't know if there is the possibility of double-checking the code by other users or if it is on github but sure this has the possibility for tricks like sending users money to a different paypal account.

    5. The profile and website imho doesn't look very professional but at the end I would at least expect details about a registered company with address, phone and legal number so I have someone I can blame and sue if there is any kind of fraud happening.

    Don't take it wrong. I am sure "h1k32" has no bad intention and I am thankful for every developer that is working on bringing more value to c2. But regarding serious topics like payment everybody should carefully check on if it is trustful. This is not like a twitter-share or google-leaderboard plugin were you just mess up some tweets or ranks.

    So if someone really sees value in not using store payments or outgoing paypal links wait until it is software status is "stable", "validated" that there is no fraud code and "h1k32" showing valid comapny information.

    Sure you can buy this to support development but don't use it on final published products (yet).

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