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  • I'm getting really low fps with the new front-to-back renderer when using the plaster plugin. It's this something that is expected due to how the plugin works or is it a bug?

    Not noticeable no a pc but in the previewer on iOS.

  • I guess it would count as a bug, but I don't really have any solution for it. My guess is drawing to a texture breaks the ftb optimization.

  • Ah, thanks for the response.

    A more general question: it seems like you can use like up to 20 3D objects until the FPS begin to drop rather heavily. By what is the amount of objects you can place on the map influenced and is there a way to improve on that? Thanks for your answer.

  • Perfomance depends on the power of the system. Could it be made faster? Not majorly. You mention 3d, but I'd like to point out this is just purely 2d drawing. The 3d stuff is tricks if you will.

  • R0J0hound

    Yeah, I understood that - pseudo-3D is more fitting. So I assume there is no way to majorly increase the amount of objects without impacting the framerate.

    Another thing I was wondering: how did you create the spinning objects? Did you just create .obj files manually with specific values in it (like the cube or monkey iirc) or do you use a tool? Sorry for asking so many questions, heh.

  • They're just obj files. I made them in blender and made events to load it.

  • R0J0hound can I do a "replace object" to use paster instead of canvas?


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  • ghost As you probably have found the replace function in the event editor doesn't let you do that. The objects need to be the same type to do for it to work.

  • thank, I see the syntax is different

  • hmott

    The fact it's flipped is due to some graphics card drivers. It can be detected and corrected, but thanks to chrome and firefox updates I can no longer use webgl on my machine, so I haven't touched that portion. I'm hesitant to do a fix that I can't test.

    The download is the latest. All it does is leverage whatever rendering C2 already does.

    Are you also having chrome webgl issues?

    I had to disable the gpu in chrome :/

  • rojohound

    Hi Rojo

    Your Outline effect makes the Paster plugin crash in node webkit.

    Simply removing the outline effect from my sprite makes the game run.

    Adding it again and running the game = instant shutdown of node webkit.

    Can u fix this?

    Kind Regards Savvy001

  • ghost


    My graphics card is now blacklisted by all browsers currently. On firefox I can force enable webgl but it causes an immediate error when trying to run a C2 game. Chrome and NW.js no longer let me force enable webgl.

    In short unless I get a new computer I'm unable to do anything with webgl right now.

  • Ah i see.

    Then i hope one of these days the game fairies come to visit u bringing a beast of a new pc

  • As an update to my 'paste the screen' quest: I ended up just making a function that, when called, individually pastes every relevant onscreen object in the proper Z order.

    Thankfully, this has worked everywhere I've tried, including on Cocoon.io Canvas+ with WebGL enabled. Also gives me a more flexibility to omit certain objects conditionally.

    tldr: Paster's normal functionality -- pasting objects -- seems to work fine in WebGL.

  • Hi ROJOHound

    Im using spriter and im trying to paste the spriter character with the paster plugin.

    Im getting a error.

    Javascript error!

    Uncaught type error: Cant read property "length" of undefined http://localhost:5000/glwrap.js , line 1821 (col 41)

    Is this something i need to talk to the makers of spriter about?

    Kind Regards


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