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  • 12/12/2012

    edited the plugin; You can use it now in your html5 apps, it won't break the project, eg. if you are in a html5 app and try to call an node-webkit action, project won't break. (so it follows the "code once, export everywhere" mantra)

    Also, added the "IsOnNodeWebkit" condition so you can tell in what environment are you running on.

    Added the "open window" action so you can open additional windows. it accepts two parameters: URI and specs;

    URI can be either some url, eg "http://www.google.com", or it can be URI to another .html file in your app, so if you have an folder in your app package called "AnotherConstructProject", and in it another exported C2 project, you can open it in another window eg. "AnotherConstructProject/index.html". Just remember to add it to your package.json, so beneath the "main:'index.html'" line add another line "second: 'AnotherConstructProject/index.html'" , and you're set to go!

    specs are anything that goes in the "window" section of the package.json; eg. "screenX=0,screenY=0,width=100,height=100".

    re-download, add suggestions, and enjoy!


    Edited the plugin, you can use action "close window" and little red x, it won't break, but i had to put deprecated property on the "onClose" trigger because it caused problems. Also, bumped version to 1.1.

    Re-download plugin if you like!


    Edited the plugin, action "quit" now quits the app properly and instantly.

    BUT, when you try to close window either with a red X or action "close window" it doesn't work. It's just a problem with catching the "onClose" event and managing the closure properly, but i'll check into that tomorrow. For now, use the "quit" action to close the app.

    Re-download the plugin, uploaded a new version

    Exported a new demo with faster loading time

    Did some minor changes to .capx


    Download the plugin here

    And the demo here

    And the .capx here

    Conversation about and more info on node-webkit here

    Plugin is still in development and heavy testing. Please test and be careful!

    I really don't want to copy and paste bunch of text so read about implemented stuff

    here (window related stuff)


    here (App related stuff)


    here (clipboard related stuff)


    here(Shell related stuff)

    Final note: for succesfuly creating an .exe you'll have to play with package.json, it's nothing scary, just a bunch of variables you can set so that .exe knows how to run.

    Read about package.json for node-webkit here


    EDIT: forgot to mention, plugin exports an example package.json file for you. After exporting your project, open package.json file in your favorite text editor and edit it as you need!

    For exporting to .exe check here

  • You blew my mind

  • I hope it could work with exported NW for mac and linux

  • Haven't tested but i believe it should work. There was no warnings in the wiki about cross-platform problems on the stuff i implemented, but here will probably be some problems, eg:

    bug # 154

    Menu icon has no effect on Ubuntu bug linux

    bug #142     

    Frameless app windows are not resizable on Linux bug linux

    and mac:

    bug #170


  • I tried this demo, there an issue when you quit this app, it wont quit, sometimes i do ctrl+del+alt

    Isn't conflict when you add API quit application?

  • Yup i noticed that too, but haven't got time to check that, sometimes it won't quit, sometimes goes smoothly and quits instantly... not sure where's the problem

    i'll check it tomorrow or sometimes when i got time :D

  • Man, nice work making that so fast!

  • Thanks, you all made this place so nice, i feel i need to return something, and i really like node.js so this is really fun. And nights are calm, quiet and good for some hanging around with good ole' notepad++!

    Also good news; i sorted the loading time, it loads instantly now!

    Problem was in the index.html, i edited line 59 as follows:

         <script src='jquery-1.7.1.min.js'>\x3C/script>

    C2 was actually trying to get jquery form ajax.googleapis.com, once you say to construct to look for jquery locally everything is much, much smoother!

    Also, standby, i will release plugin to access to node.js OS module soon! (1-2hrs)

  • Did some minor edits to the plugin, see the first post for more info!

  • Amazing!

    I'd like to see a performance test ASAP. Could you ask Ashley for the standard performance test in capx form?

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  • Great thanks (I like to export to first to Linux and second to MAC)

    the Awesomium version not work for me in Windows 7 64 Bit

    but the node-webkit work perfect.

    C2 Team Ashley is posible to addin this to official exporters

    Sorry by my english

    and thanks to all

  • I made some edits to the plugin: see first post for more info!


    Did some "wizardry" and got the test without ashleys help, you can find performance test here in .exe format.

    One note: to enable webgl on my computer i added d3dx9_43.dll and D3DCompiler_43.dll to the .zip, i'm not sure will your computers need them to get webgl running!


    Yup, official support would be great, but in my opinion node-webkit is still a young project, we should give it time to get more "stable", but for now it looks really promising!


  • Awesome, I'll test it out comparatively to Chrome when I get home.

  • Ok, ran the test's.

    My pc configuration is:

    Windows 7, 64bit

    Intel core i7-2600k 3.40ghz

    16gb ram

    AMD radeon HD 6700

    With webgl on Chrome 23 object count stabilized 26007 objects

    With node-webkit object count stabilized 26131 objects

  • I also got identical results in both Chrome and Webkit. Excellent.

    So, what are the disadvantages of webkit then? It seems too easy...

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