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The I18N (Translation) is a Construct plugin created to translate text in game.
  • Looks like a really good Plugin, but when i have installed the plugin and open Construct 2 i get the error message: ?Unable to load plugin in C:\? Cannot open file ?\plugins\metro\common.js This Plugin will not available in the editor?

    Any solution for this problem?

    Thanks for trying out. When you say you installed the plugin, did you run the install.cmd script from Admin command prompt? Please note that the script is assuming that system drive is C: and copies over things to C:. If your system partition is not C: please edit the install.cmd script to your system partition for example D: or something else. Make sure install.cmd succeeds fine.

    Also are you getting the error on just opening Construct2 or opening the sample? Make sure that you are on r102.

  • It makes me wonder why Ashley doesn't support this plugin. The official one is going to be useless.

  • It makes me wonder why Ashley doesn't support this plugin. The official one is going to be useless.

    I had a chance to email ScirraSupport and Ashley had replied back saying that they will not be able to integrate 3rd party plugins with ease due to legal and technical reasons (like different way of implementation etc,.)

    But he did mention that the official plugin will add support for more features eventually.

    Thank you for all your interest and support <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />. I will keep releasing updates to the plugin as and when I add features to it.

  • Update:

    Support added for handling snap mode better in Windows 8. See the new tutorialfor general guidance on layout/asset design for Windows 8 and how the plugin helps to handle the snap mode.

  • Wow you work so fast! :)Your plugin is so much better than the offical one from Scirra. Thank you!

  • Update:

    Added support for controlling Microsoft pubCenter advertisements.

    See Generating revenue with advertisements for a detailed discussion on adding advertisements to your Windows 8 exported game how to control showing/hiding ads from within Construct 2.

  • Update

    Added support for trial mode and revamped support for in-app-purchases. Now the plugin is more powerful and can handle a lot of monetization scenarios.

    See Plugin tutorial in Scirra or Trials and In-app purchases revisited blog post for more details.

  • Nice! i just downloaded Windows 8 RTM, i will see how is going on

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  • iUnk, excellent work!

  • Is the plugin only for windows 8 desktop or mobile? I'm confused since I have an app that runs only in portrait mode. Running in landscape reveals all items I want to hide unless I set the Fullscreen browser to Letterbox. Right now it's set to Scale for android and ios.

    I guess what I'm saying is how can I keep my app portrait in the windows store for both mobile and desktop?

  • I can't Download metro plugin !

    download's link don't work for me ! <img src="smileys/smiley19.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    thank you !

  • bon4ire:

    This plugin is for Windows 8. (It is not for Windows Phone 8 if that is what you mean "mobile").

    But with "mobile" if you meant a tablet running Windows 8, you can fix your game's orientation preference to portrait when you open your app in VS2012 and go to package.appxmainfest file->Application UI Tab select Portrait and Portrait-flipped under Supported rotations.

  • mahdisml:

    I checked the links and I am able to download from c2metro.wordpress.com/download Do you want to try again?

  • Skydrive say :

    This item might have been deleted, expired, or you might not have permission to view it. Contact the owner of this item for more information.

    <img src="smileys/smiley5.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Hi,

    I noticed that when the game is in "filled" mode the game is not centered correctly. See this image for an example.

    Also, is it possible for the letterboxing to be pure black instead of a dark grey? I Think the dark grey comes from the ui-dark.css file, correct? Oh, and one last question. :) Is it safe to use the latest beta release (r105) with this plugin or do you recommend r104?

    Many thanks,


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