[PLUGIN] Magicam for C2(Alpha 6.5 1/8/14)

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  • New version!

    Just one new feature this time, which is smooth transitions between cameras.

    Alpha 6 release notes:

    Download Magicam Alpha 6 for Construct 2 (Includes example)

    <font color="green">(ADD)</font> Added Transition to camera action. This feature allows for smooth transitions from one camera to another of a specified duration.

    zenoxe - After failing to come up with a decent solution to your predicament, I figured adding the transition to camera feature would be the best bet for helping you out. With this, I now have a good way of solving your problem.

    My suggestion would be to have one camera centered on earth and a second camera following the moon. You can then use the Transition to camera action to smoothly transition from the Earth to the moon, making for a clean solution.

    Let me know if that works out for you, and I'll help you out if you run into any more trouble.

  • I can't thank you enough. Not only for answering so fast but for actually updating the plugin in like 1 day.

    It definitely fixed the transition issue. Here is the updated game :) dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/38894376/C2%20PLANETS/index.html

    The only thing i've noticed is that it's a bit choppy, but i'm pretty sure that because it has to handle rotating objects at the same time, hahah.

  • This seems like a really awesome plugin! Super useful for cutscenes. Very gracious. Will return with results. :D

  • <img src="http://i.imgur.com/6GMgMgG.png" border="0" />

    <img src="http://i.imgur.com/FTOooBY.png" border="0" />

    <img src="http://i.imgur.com/SWzo9x9.png" border="0" />

    I disabled the scroll to behavior in favor of this. It works pretty well in one layout but not this one. The other layout had the same error too, bu it has since disappeared for some reason.


    Already narrowed it down to save game in Construct 2. I save the game to a slot on the start after a little event. Disabling this and the game runs fine. Enabled and it always crashes.

    irst off, I've fixed a bug involving the saving/loading of global cameras - nobody mentioned it, but I noticed it while working on the plugin and it should be good now.

    I only have 1 local camera and its crashing if that helps.

    instanceProto.saveToJSON = function ()


              // Throw the trans camera on top of local cameras list


              var o = {

                   "lcc": this.localCameraCount,

                   "olcc": this.localCameraCountOld,

                   "alcc": this.localCameras.length,

                   "agcc": this.globalCameras.length,

                   "tcnn": (this.transCamera == null ? false : true)


              for (var i = 0; i < this.localCameras.length; i++)


                   o["lc" + i + "g"] = this.localCameras.global;edited><editID>AnthonyB28</editID><editDate>2013-07-29 16:23:36</editDate></edited>

  • Quick update. Really weird is that its just that save point. I have multiple save points, but that one is the only one that breaks the plugin.

  • AnthonyB28 - If possible, can you send along your CAPX file? You can PM it to me if you don't want it public.

  • How can I set a Max. and Min. zoom amount? Is this done by positioning invisible sprites or can I have set where the camera never zooms in more than a certain percentage -also that it never zooms out too far as to show things beyond my layout.

    -Thanks very much in advance.

  • Hey linkman2004

    one of the most polished plugins from CC revives on C2. Great! Here's just one mission for your brain that's not easy to implement, but important enough to be thought of:

    Did you manage to handle the zooming relative instead of absolute? Otherwise projects that support multiple resolutions using global zoom may run into problems, like with the original Magicam.

    Other than that I'm sure Magicam will become a de facto standard on C2, too!

  • AnthonyB28 - I couldn't load your CAPX because it required several plugins I don't have, but I think I've figured out the issue. Download this release and let me know how it goes.

    Alpha 6.1 release notes:

    Download Magicam Alpha 6.1 for Construct 2 (Includes example)

    <font color="red">(ADD)</font> Made attempt to fix crash when using game saving actions.

  • I think that did the trick! Thanks so much.

    And sorry about the capx. I forgot the other plugins :X Always do that.

  • Hello,

    I'm having an issue with the magicam. When the layout reloads (after dying)it will not go back to my character and follow him. But it works on the initial start of the layout.

    Here is a sample of the issue. (I'm probably missing some code or its a bug)

    edit: This file!



    fixing this will really help as Scroll to isn't flexible enough for me.

  • farnsu - I'm not sure if you uploaded the wrong file or if you're implying that the problem exists in the example file, but I don't know what you're talking about from the linked file.

  • linkman

    Edit" my bad i posted the wrong file, here is the proper file:


    From the file I sent if you die, by falling of the edge of the playable area, the layout restarts, but the magicam no longer follows the character when the layout restarts. That's the problem I'm having.



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  • New release, although it's mostly a bug fix. Thanks to farnsu for pointing it out.

    Also of note, however, is that I have switched to distributing a .c2addon file, so you can just drag and drop that into C2 to quickly install the plugin.

    Alpha 6.2 release notes:

    Download Magicam Alpha 6.2 for Construct 2 (Includes example)

    <font color="blue">(CHANGE)</font> Now using .c2addon file for distribution.

    <font color="red">(FIX)</font> Fixed issue where restarting the layout would cause problems with local cameras created at the start of the layout.

  • Cool, link man.

    I tested the camera on restart layout and it worked, I'm still having issues with restart layout but I'm pretty sure its not magicam, its my code.

    As far as new features for magicam, it would be cool if you could constrain the camera to a path for awhile for cut scenes.


    Farnsu <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

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