[PLUGIN] Magicam for C2(Alpha 6.5 1/8/14)

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  • , this plugin doesn't help with that, no.

    purplemonkey, I did, but I haven't had time to roll out a fix yet. I'll look into getting it patched up ASAP.

  • Hey linkman2004 is there a way to detect "Transition to camera finished" ? I though "On transition finished" is doing that already, but unfortunately it's not

  • linkman2004 Great plugin for those of us who can't always figure out the maths for this stuff, just one problem, I know to create a UI element you would have to set the scale to 1/Magicam.getX(camera) but I can't figure out the X & Y! Any help here would be massively appreciated!

  • WTF??? I spent nearly 2 headache-proned weeks to build a camera system exactly like this for the project i'm working on. Only to discover that a nice plugin for it already exists. This should be part of C2's default installs....

    *............long sigh*

  • how do I install a C2ADDON.file?

  • how do I install a C2ADDON.file?

    Launch C2 and just drag and drop the file on to the Layout.

    Installing Addons.

  • linkman2004 do you ever have plans on adding camera sizes or borders?

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  • Hi !

    How can I manage to follow an object without centering the camera on it ?

    The purpose is making the camera following the player in a platform game only when it reaches 1/3 of the screen size on the left and 2/3 on the right (same for top and bottom).

    So the camera won't move if the player change direction until it reaches 1/3 of the opposite screen edge.

  • Shadowblitz16 I have no current plans to add new features. I've just been too busy since the last version was released, and I would prefer to rewrite the whole plugin when and if I do anything with it.

    le Canapin, this was a feature in the CC version of the plugin, but I never got around to bringing over, and as stated above I currently have no development plans.

  • > purplemonkey, I haven't had any issues with this. If you could provide a CAPX, I'll take a look and see what's up.


    As I cannot post a CAPX of my actual project I have tried to reproduce the issue as best as possible.

    The root of the issue seems to be tied with "zoom to contain" and margins.

    Thank you for looking into this, it is much appreciated!


    linkman2004 Hi ya! Have you you had the time to take a look at this issue by any chance?

  • linkman2004 , are you available for hire to look at an issue I've been having with Cosmochoria? I hit you up creepily on FB, but let me know if you might have some time to help out for a paid gig..

  • purplemonkey I did, and have an idea of how to go about fixing it. I'm sorry I haven't gotten around to it yet, things have just been really busy. I'll likely have a little extra time in a couple weeks, so I'll try to take a look then.

    I was wondering who that friend request was from. We'll work something out.

  • The lag setting is excellent, but the player character is always a little to the right or left of the centre of screen. Can I have the camera catch up so the player is centered after the initial lag? A sort of, camera acceleration speed or something?

  • Zebbi that would be a cool feature, but it's not possible in the current version, and I'm not actively developing Magicam at the moment, so there's little chance of seeing it any time soon.

  • Zebbi that would be a cool feature, but it's not possible in the current version, and I'm not actively developing Magicam at the moment, so there's little chance of seeing it any time soon.

    Actually, I made a little event list that kinda mimics a smart catch-up effect, I'll post it once I have a moment to isolate the events for an example.

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