[Plugin] InGame web radio (under development)

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  • I was thinking to integrate an inGame radio like the GTA series, reading streams from shoutCAST in particular.

    I first tried to use the video plugin by rexrainbow, knewing that the HTML5 video tag reads even audio sources. It worked only on Chrome, the stream reads fine.

    I wanted to wrap the audio tag but it seems that Android users under 2.1 don't support the HTML5 audio tag. This feature is implemented in Gingerbread. There's a workaround that involves using the video tag instead only for Android as iOS doesn't seem to support this method.

    I wanted to write a universal "external audio file reader" for both iOS and Android user, I'm starting to wrap the audio tag but I will need help from someone else.

  • I am looking at SoundManager as a starting point

    May end up simply using an iframe in the meantime, but something more elegant would be much better!

    I have not looked at the plugin SDK yet, if I can figure it out - will post results here!

  • That would be a super-cool feature to have :)

  • Yeah, you're right. Still, I stopped working on it as it was very time consuming and, afterall, a quite unnecessary feature for my project. But it'd still be nice to have. Has anybody found a workaround?

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  • I'll see if I can come up with a background shoutcast/icecast audio plugin for construct2 soon, already have created something like this and works well on ios, android and web platforms. Once I test it with construct2 as a plugin I'll post an update.

  • Maybe it would be possible to use Pode's HTML Pack and have an offscreen iframe or something? Then you'd just have to set it to autoplay songs from the embeded iframe.

  • any news?

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