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  • Image Button

    Version: 0.2 (01/04/2013)

    Download ImageButton.zip

    Here is a plugin which lets you make button from images.

    1. Set a URL (in the properties) for Normal, Hover, Pressed and Disabled.

    2. Set the same size than your image in the common properties.


  • This is pretty cool! Now I don't have to add the mouse object and the touch object to every image that I want to make a button.

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  • The example was impressively slow for me in chrome. There's quite a delay between the time you place the cursor above a button, and the time the hover image actualy display. Even once the image was downloaded, it kept on being slow.

    Also, still in the example and both in Chrome and Firefox I didn't see the image change on click (like a pushed down image).

    The image apparently just go back to the normal image as not being hovered. Is that the example that is coded like that ("missing" clicked image) or is it another trouble ?

    FF12 and chrome 18 up to date.

  • Kyatric

    The example is a little bit slow at the beginning, only on the first loading. I have to implement a correct preloading system.

    But, this example calls images which are hosted on my dropbox. In your own project, you have better to put the images in one folder of your project. The loading should be quicker so.

    I would have loved to make this plugin with canvas and a basic sprite loading but I have a pretty bad knowledge of canvas javascripting... :/

  • The slowdown in Chrome goes beyond the loading.

    There's a clear delay (1 second) between the time my cursor is "Option1" button, and the moment the image displays.

    It happens on start of the execution of the program, but even after 5 minutes it still performs the same.

    Or do you mean that the image gets downloaded anytime an action hover or click is performed ?

  • I think images with sprite sheet can fix that don't need to download when it's performed, more like CSS sprites

  • I have a problem with this plugin, with Firefox, someone tryed to play devmidgard.com/games/infection/index.html and when you click any of the buttons they just disappear :S

    Any solution?

  • I have a problem with this plugin, with Firefox, someone tryed to play devmidgard.com/games/infection/index.html and when you click any of the buttons they just disappear ...

    Confirmed. OK in Chrome and Safari, though.

  • why I see this error?

    I use the Image Button Plugin. The error appear after i click the button.

    (sorry my english)

    <img src="http://i46.tinypic.com/2usakb9.png" border="0" />

  • Hey there, the image flickers when I use this plugin in chrome. Is there something I'm doing wrong or is there something I can adjust in the plugin to stop it from flickering?

  • I'll check this asap - thanks for reporting

  • Any luck with the shaking image in chrome?

  • I wasn't able to reproduce this with my computer -

    Just let me know if this version fix it though. Thanks.

    Also, be aware of this plugin is obviously not a good way to use an image button. I should finally develop a new one.

  • this may sound like a stupid question, but how do you actually use an image from your internal memory?

    I tried: "C:\Users\hendr_000\Desktop\pict\walking.png" doesn't work

  • Anggrian

    In order to export with node-webkit, you can set the image url to


    It won't work in preview mode though.

    As I took the time to solve your problem, could you take the time to give me an answer please ?

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