[Plugin] Gesture Control with INTEL RealSense 3D Camera

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  • Dear All Master

    My team is newbie for games development. But I want to share a little progress my team project to implement gesture control in Interactive Games using HTML5.

    You can try this Plugin Gesture Control to development Games.

    Gesture Control Spec :

    • v sign
    • thumb up and thumb down
    • moving hand
    • spread

    Download Plugin Intel RealSense (for Gesture Control Games) :

    [/code:dzzmu7jo] (you must using device Intel RealSense 3D Camera!)
    And, this is sample Games : 
    [code:dzzmu7jo]https://googledrive.com/host/0B2NmR_kdVptifmpSUDhkQnlDWVF5SldCZlZPejJab3ZTM0dpUnpJaTkwTW9SOG5JZHZ6WkE/index.html[/code:dzzmu7jo] (play with device Intel RealSense 3D Camera)
    Capture Games :
    Okay! please give me your review or suggestion or you can asking if any problem.
    Arya & Tambunan
  • bangTop, This is great! Are you planning to add the support for all the remaining gestures as well? I thought Intel has a pre-built Javascript API for all gestures that Realsense supports...So is it like - Realsense has only some basic support API and we have to come up with our own logic for the Realsense to recognize a specific gesture?

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  • bangTop, awesome. Trying to access the sample game, getting a black screen. Apart from the Intel Realsense Camera, to use the plugin, do I need any 3rd party tools such as SDK, for it to work?

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