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  • Hello C2 Family!

    We just updated the GameMix plugin for Construct 2 and are excited to share it here on the forums.

    GameMix is a free cross-promotion network for discovering HTML5 games and bringing quality users into your own creations. Simply put, the traffic you send to other games will bring new, bright-eyed traffic into yours.

    Our C2 plugin makes it super easy to add this service into your build: add the plugin, drag & drop the banner anywhere onto your game's real estate, and player traffic will be funneled into your game.

    Be sure to send your email here and we'll rebound the plugin to you:

    Send me the plugin!

    Happy to answer any questions here as well!

  • Where do these games need to be hosted at?

    Are any other adds shown?

    Must your banner be visible at all times?

    What does the service expect in return?

  • Games can be hosted anywhere you'd like.

    No other ads are shown from us other than games in our network within the 320x50 banner.

    Traffic is sent to your game based on users clicking the banner. So if the banner isn't visible then traffic from us won't increase. You have full control whether to make the banner visible or not.

    All we'll need from you is a 320x50 banner of your game so that we can upload it into the exchange. No requirements, no exclusivity.

    Oh, and your feedback is always appreciated :)

  • GameMix Nice! I will check this plugin when I get chance.

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  • I want it too.. gave my email there :)

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