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  • rexrainbow Hi, sometimes the account creation doesn't work on mobile. It returns with an error. When I access leardboard from Google Play Serivces and then switch back to sign up it works otherwise it won't. The login works properly though.

    Please help.

  • Sorry I have no idea. Could you provide a very simple test capx?

  • Sorry I have no idea. Could you provide a very simple test capx?

    Hi, this is what I'm receiving everytime I try to login to firebase.

    Even though I was connected to 60MBPS. Please help.

  • rexrainbow

    Hello, rex

    I'm trying to set CORS for firebase storage, but unfortunately, I can't. Could you help me with it, please?

    Here's cors.json file i try to set:

        "origin": ["*"],
        "method": ["GET"],
        "maxAgeSeconds": 3600
    Note: it works OK in edge and nw.js, but not in chrome. If the problem is in domain, i don't understand where can i find it.
  • Please reference the instructions under Access control allow origin section in the document.

    rreplace * by your domain of application of key"origin".

  • rexrainbow

    I've done almost everything of this before. But I can't find only one thing - the domain of application. I tried to enter everything that I can, but no... Where is it?

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  • Have you tried the value of "storageBucket"? (storageBucket: "my-3x-test.appspot.com", in my project, for example)

  • rexrainbow

    Yes, I've tried it first. It also doesn't work... And chrome every time give an error

  • I have no idea. I only followed that instructions to setup CORS, and it worked on chrome.

  • Howdy rexrainbow! I'm getting the following error when trying to run the firebase v3 - set value.

    example capx:

    I haven't changed anything so there's just the Firebase and the FirebaseAPIV3 plugins in the project. Any guesses?

    On a side note, do you have any plans to update the plugin to support Firebase version 4.x.x?


  • Please updating rex_firebase related plugins to latest version. Enable logging feature had moved to rex_firebase_apiv3 plugin.

    I could try to update to 4.x.x api when I port firebase plugin to C3 in several months later.

  • Hi Rex, i tried your simple chat demo, it worked well with your api key, but after I replaced the api information with my own, i got permission denied error, i had enabled Anonymous auth from the control panel, anything else i had missed? Thank you for the awesome plugin!

    [quote:1hsnr9p6]preview_prelude.js:57 Using WebGL renderer: ANGLE (Intel(R) HD Graphics Direct3D9Ex vs_3_0 ps_3_0) [Google Inc.]

    preview_prelude.js:57 Max texture size: 8192

    preview_prelude.js:57 Point size range: 1 to 256

    glwrap.js:386 WebGL extensions: Array(21)

    system.js:1313 Go to layout: Room

    firebase.js:311 FIREBASE WARNING: transaction at /Rooms/rooms/Lobby/alive failed: permission_denied

    O firebase.js:311

    (anonymous) firebase.js:501

    (anonymous) firebase.js:467

    g.wd firebase.js:468

    Ce.wd firebase.js:370

    (anonymous) firebase.js:368

    fd firebase.js:324

    Ia.onmessage firebase.js:323

  • tonypond

    Please set database to

      "rules": {
        ".read": true,
        ".write": true
    if all kinds of access are allowed.
  • tonypond

    Please set database to

      "rules": {
        ".read": true,
        ".write": true
    if all kinds of access are allowed.

    Thank you Rex, it worked, and the plugin is great! Thanks a lot!

  • When i build in Cordova / Phonegap and play the game and try to log in via Rex_authentication Plugin the "Google with Redirect" and the "Google with Pop" doesn't seem to work on any phone?

    I have looked at white listing in Cordova but not sure why its now working, I have end install the in app browser plugin

    Event sheet: imgur.com/a/C044W

    Any ideas?

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