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  • rexrainbow

    First of all, awesome work with this plugin. Thank you very much.

    Now to my issue: I built an account system using firebaseV3. Everything works fine, users can change their displaynames and password, all good.

    Except the fact that the event "On profile update error" doesn't seem to trigger when the display name that has been entered in the "Update profile" action already exists...

    To test this, I created two accounts in firebase and changed their usernames in my C2 program. And even when I choose the display name that the other account already has, it changes the display name.

    Is that intended?

    I thought that the "Update profile" action would prevent same display names.

    Thanks again!

  • rexrainbow

    It seems like I found a bug in the Authentication plugin. I choose "on deleting user error", it gives me "on sending password result email error".

  • Lasmelan

    Oops, fixed. Thanks to point out it.

  • randomly

    "Display name" is not an unique string in firebase service, It is an alias name of user.

    Try userid2id to have an unique name of an userID.

  • rexrainbow tried using userid2id.

    Works like a charm except that I can't seem to actually change an ID.

    I figured I can set as many ID's as I want but as soon as I want to set an ID with a UserID that is already bound to an ID. (The one I want to change)

    It triggers "On request ID failed".

    To have an effective username system, I would need to

    • Trigger success when trying to set an ID that is bound to my UserID
    • Trigger error when trying to set an ID that is already bound to a different UserID

    (Or is it just me being too dumb to use your awesome plugin? O_o)

    Thank you for your help.

    EDIT: any way to delete a ID would resolve that issue too.

  • Update

    rex_firebase_userid2id plugin: add "Action:Remove User ID"



    "ID" is an alias name of UserID to help user to point out another user (get userID from this "ID" for remaining actions), since the original userID is not friendly for human. This "ID" won't be changed, imo.

    Anyway, now it could remove the registered userID to change the ID.

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  • rexrainbow, where can i download "File Upload" plugin for smaple capx for rex_parse_savedata?

    Where I can find "File upload" and "file system" parse plugins?. I have been trying to find them for the las two hours . I have them installed in the right scirra folder, all of other Parse plugins appear but not these two. Help is always appreciated!. Peace and love!

  • Bitmichael

    rex_parse_fileupload had been deprecated. They could be shown by "right clicking -> show deprecated plugin" in "Insert new object" dialog.

    (Don't use parse file system plugin. )

    I recommend using

    to store files.

  • Update

    rex_firebase_userid2id plugin: add "Action:Remove User ID"

    Awesome, thanks for the fast response.

  • Another question concerning Storage plugin: just realized there isn't any way to update a file's metadata in the firebase console UI, but there is one in the API.

    Will you release a way to get and update a file's metadata in the storage plugin?

    (or to upload a file with metadata included)


    Here is the link to the API:

    Firebase Metadata documentation

    Firebase Upload File with Metadata documentation (under "Add File Metadata")

  • Update

    rex_firebase_storage plugin:

    • add parameter "Metadata" in uploading actions, to upload file with metadata in JSON string. Metadata of last uploaded file is in "Expression:LastMetadata".
    • add "Action:Get metadata", to get metadata from server, trigger "Condition:On get metadata" to get the result, otherwise trigger "Condition: On get metadata error". ( sample capx )
    • add "Action:Update metadata", to update new metadata, trigger "Condition:On update metadata" , or "Condition:On update metadata error" if failed.

    Interface of Expression:LastMetadata

    • LastMetadata , to get all metadata in JSON string
    • LastMetadata( key ) , to get the key in metadata, for example LastMetadata("contentType")
    • LastMetadata( key , defaultValue ) , return defaultValue if metadata or key does not exist.


    Here it is.

  • randomly

    Here it is.

    Wow, your updating speed is amazing, thanks so much!

  • I'm sorry to bother you again, but I got a problem when uploading from the FileChooser with metadata.

    This is my code:

    When I preview in NW.js or Chrome, it gives me this error:

    When I export to NW.js or preview in any other browser, it just never finishes uploading.

    (I know that because there is a text object that would change if it finished)

    Uploading a simple string with the same settings works perfectly.

    Any advice what I did wrong?

  • Update

    rex_firebase_storage plugin: now the default metadata is {}


    Fixed, try it again.

  • Javascript error!

    TypeError: window.FirebaseItemListKlass is not a constructor

    localhost/Rex_Firebase_Lea ... _plugin.js, line 133 (col 18)

    This may be a bug in Construct 2 or a third party plugin or behavior - please report it to the developer following the bug report guidelines. Subsequent errors will be logged to the console.

    <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_sad.gif" alt=":(" title="Sad" />

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