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  • Facebook 2.0 version 1.1

    Facebook 2.0 Version 1.1

    1)Provides a way to login by redirecting the url in a canvas app 'apps.facebook.com' This allows you to catch new install deny requests as Facebook expects. So if a user decides not to install you can redirect them to another layout/layer pointing them to other games or giving further information on why you request permissions....... This also is a way to login without forcing the user to accept popups.

    2)New expression named status

    Check after plugin initializes. Will equal "connected" if user has logged in and accepted permissions/installed your game(redirect to the title screen knowing user has granted permissions). Will equal "not_authorized" if user has logged into facebook but not authorized your app. (trigger once- Use included Login redirect action to request permissions)

    3)Expressions for:

       User email address,

       User Birthday,

       User Gender,

       User locale,

       User Access token,

    Facebook 2.0 Version 1.1

  • Sounds nice thanks. Will give it a go when I get further into C2.

  • procrastinator,

    My ultimate goal is to add in app payments through the plugin and php. I'm currently redirecting windows to accept payments and it's kind of unwieldy to do. Feel free to ask for any additions. I'll do my best, but my current goal is again, the in app payments through javascript.

  • Hey great plugin does it work in cocoonJS?

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  • I believe so, not fluent with cocoons. I heard Ajax is a no on that though so graph API calls won't work. Go to developers.facebook.com, they have mobile specific directions for integrating Facebook sdk.

  • This looks very interesting to me. I will give it a go when I am ready to publish to Facebook.

  • Keep up the good work! Having a good FB plugin would be really great!

  • Hi ,

    I am working on my game apps now and I want to share a score from my rank page to the facebook wall. Is it possible to do on your plugin?

    My rank score is base on my database. If it is possible to do. Can you give a sample?

  • Version 1.1 now includes a new way to request permissions. See top of thread for further information and download link.

  • facebook id 0 why ??? and using the default facebook obkect gives NaN

  • prodigi

    Use this plugin, it's my complete redesign.

    Facebook Advanced

  • thanks a lot i'll try it and i'll give you my feedback i hope it will work really appreciate that someone finally replied

  • ok sorry i have tried that one before also no facebook id returned maybe i am doing something wrong can you please upload a sample project ? :) thank you

  • prodigi

    Do you get the same from the regular Facebook plugin? It sounds like you may not have setup your app right on developer.facebook.com. You did create an app there correct?

  • yes of course and it's configured right because i can share posts and get facebook id using php

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