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  • septeven

    Ping :look:

  • septeven Does this plugin use a single dropbox folder that all players use, or an individual folder for each player?

  • very nice!

    thank you for this, helped me too much

  • septeven

    Hi septeven, thanks for making this useful plugin. Would it be possible for you to create a sample capx file that shows the proper use of the functions?


  • Very nice!

  • Thank you friend! Nice work, I was searching for it ! []s

  • Hi Septeven

    Do you have any plan to add Dropbox Datastore Api functionality ?. Thanks

  • Very nice!

    I tried your robot game. It's pretty cool!

  • Keyo

    It´s on my todo list

    Hello Friend,

    very good this plugin you have done,,,,, you intend to make a new update for it?

  • Will this plugin ever get updated to v2?

    The official Dropbox blog announced they deprecated the API v1, and this plugin seems to be outdated.


    Please excuse me if this was considered grave-digging.

    EDIT: I just realized the OP was inactive for a long time.

  • Hi SEPTEVEN, how do i update/modify the text file in the dropbox from my app please? Actually I am trying to create an app for my college project. I need the app-users to be able to update the same text file in the same dropbox, for other app-users to see. Example is, a discussion room booking app. One student booked the room, who needs to key-in the info like name & college-id. Later on, other students should be able to check the info from their phone, who had booked the room.

  • JuicyImmortal

    I don't develop anymore for construct 2 as I switched to mac few years ago - As long as Construct isn't supported on mac, I won't consider developing for it, sorry.


    I am not sure what you want exactly.... but Create a file, Access to a file actions and Get file content() expression are what you'll need. What you want to do actually is pretty the basic things that why this plugin has been designed for...

    Keep in mind that I made this plugin few years ago when I was still learning javascript. I would design/develop it in so a different way if I had the time to do it.

    Let me know if it helps...

  • This plugin doesnt work anymore right? i'm getting an error with the redirect url in authorize when the user log in. Thank you anyway!

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  • septeven

    I have read all this discussion, but with my bad english, it is difficult.

    I have not found the solution of my question:

    I ahve built an appli in wich the users must save the an array in webstorage, in the cache of the computer (ipad).

    And i want create a external save to dropbox with your plugin.

    But my users have usually no experience to use API key.

    Is it possible for theim to connect with their Username and Password (of their personal DropBox)? It would be nice and simple !


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