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  • NRABrazil

    Thats correct.

    When a user starts my app, the app connects to "their" dropbox, not mine.

    Once they have logged in, they are asked for permission to connect this app to their dropbox account.

    When they click "allow" the app restarts and now the dropbox plugin is connected.

    From that point on the plugin stores information in the users own dropbox.

    This makes it possible for players or app users to store their complete savegame online, and vice versa to download it anywhere else.

    So anything u put into the webstorage, u can save/backup and do all kinds of fancy stuff with.

    In my current understanding, this plugin combined with the webstorage is the best option to give players/users truly a savegame.

    Its a relief to know i can simply delete my browser cashe, knowing that 2 clicks later im downloading my savegame again!

    Ps: thanx for your tip to towards cvp

    That is indeed the best option for him.

    Kind Regards.


  • NRABrazil

    Thanks for the suggestion, but that wouldnt work either.

    I know i wrote "my dropbox" but i meant the users dropbox. So creating an mobile app which can display images from the users own dropbox account and not my own.

  • cvp

    Well that will only work if the user would upload his images first via your app.

    But as that is not the way u need it, i think its a dead end "for now".

    Kind Regards.


  • Yeah i also think its a dead end for now.

    There are more options actually.

    1. The user could copy images into the app folder in dropbox

    2. or you could set the access to "all dropbox" instead of app folder and then access the photos folder in the users dropbox.

  • Savvy001

    Thank you for the prompt attention! But if you do not mind, I would like to clarify more.

    When you said "When a user starts my app...", where is this app located?

    • in a subfolder of the public folder in your Dropbox Account?
    • anywhere else?

    When you said "Once they have logged in...", what's happens if they do not already has a Dropbox Account?

    • the Dropbox site teaches how to achieve one?
    • your app say something?

    Your app do explain, to user, that they need a Dropbox Account to use it?

    Thanks again, in fact I could find this answers, by myself, but I am a bit busy and if you can help, I do appreciate.

    Best Regards

  • NRABrazil

    Ill try and give Savvy a bit of a hand here. I might be able to help you with an answer.

    1. The app can be located anywhere, does not need to be in dropbox.

    2. Depending on the option you choose in the dropbox plugin you are either prompted on startup of the app or when you call the login function. You are then rerouted to a site hosted by dropbox which will ask the user if they want to allow the app to connect to there dropbox.

    If you do not have a dropbox account the site you are rerouted to will tell you how to create one.

    3. As for information about the user needing a dropbox account it is up to youself how you want to display it. But they will diffidently notice once they are asked to log in to there dropbox account :-)

    Hope that clarifies your question.



  • NRABrazil

    My app is on my own hosted site.


    Thanx, your answers are correct. <img src="smileys/smiley32.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    Ps: having the user of your app upload more images later on gives a problem as the app must know the image names.

    As in wich ones to load as URL.

    How would u overcome this using the Dropbox plugin?

    Kind Regards.


  • septeven

    Is it possible to add a expression so we can set a textbox to " the amount downloaded/uploaded".

    That way the user can see the downloading/uploading process.

    At this point i can only show them: is uploading/downloading.

    And download/upload complete.

    Is it possible?

    Kind Regards.


  • Hi Savvy001 and cvp

    Thanks for the answers! I understand better now.

    cvp do you know Pode FileReader Plugin?


    Maybe it could be helpfull to you.

  • Savvy

    Yet another problem discovered then :-)

    I assumed that you could traverse a folder for its files and that you did not need to know the file name itself.


    No i havent looked at the FileReader plugin. I will give it a look in the next days.

  • cvp

    As far as i know, u need to type the name of the file (in the app u have build).

    Then the plugin can reach that file in the dropbox and download it.

    Thats also how i use it.

    Kind Regards.


  • Savvy

    Yeah, you are right. it needs a string with the file name.

    That could be another feature request for the plugin then ;-) To be able to iterate over the content of a dropbox folder.

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  • septeven

    Can I use this plugin to make an MMO?

    I can manipulate files inside dropbox right? So can I insert in this files some accounts and passwords from players and create an event system of Login right?

    This app can be public and edit/read internal files???

    Or only the owner of Dropbox will have access to files??

    Can the owner of dropbox account allow public to edit/read especific files?

    If it does that is possible to make MMO games and use dropbox as Database!

    <img src="smileys/smiley17.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • septeven

    your awesome


    The key is to use str() in the 'set text' action str(Drop.getFileContent("/")) to list all file contents


    In the 'Access to...' action you can use the expression from the text object, for example, 'Text.Text&"/" '

    This is a good way to make a log in rooms feature with arrays and csv2array type stuff, where for each element can create multiple Text objects with unique listed names

    A problem for me is the limited user tokens after testing the app on multiple devices. Updated iOS and Android work, Chrome works that's all I've tried. This even works posted in godaddy ftp where people can have a public chat in the simplest case.

    All expressions and parameters can work with how you choose to manipulate files in dropbox. Very inspiring easy-to-use plugin

    Another problem is when I have another dropbox account my project by mistake accesses the wrong one. I try to sign off on my computer and browser and clear history. is it a cookies thing? haven't tried that yet

  • I want Dropbox to be optional for my game, but when I click Deny on Dropbox's Authorization Page, I get redirected back to it again. You should make the plugin so it will detect when it has been denied and remember that.

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