[PLUGIN] CSV, CSV2Array, CSV2Dictionary

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  • Your a star rex :) Checkin :)

    EDIT@ Hmm, My inventory is still broken. But maybe it's because of that loopindex bug that apparently is going to be fixed in r111. Although I'm mostly using loop "for each row" from your plugin. Not sure what's going on :/

    Eh :/

  • Thank you for the quick fix rex ;]

  • I think I?ve found another bug on the csv plugin, after the update:

    This happens after a CSV event is called:

    <img src="https://dl.dropbox.com/u/6813637/bug_csva.PNG" border="0" />

    <img src="https://dl.dropbox.com/u/6813637/bug_csvb.PNG" border="0" />

  • I update plugin again. Now these assertions will be moved into "console.log". These assertions are just a notify that designer might read/write the invalid entry.

  • Yeah, I tought the problem might be in my code, hahah ;]

    Thanks again, this is a great plugin.

  • Well, now these notification will move to console, so... good luck. <img src="smileys/smiley9.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Update:

    Now console.log message will only be shown when preview mode.

  • Hi again, sorry but I have a problem, any condition after "for each row" (in the same event or a sub-event) is not working.

    I was using "FOR EACH ROW" then in a sub event:


            FIRST VALUE: CSV.AT("columm1", CSV.CurRow)


            SECOND VALUE:"my value"

    to check for a specific value , and that was working fine in r108, but in 110 doesn't work.

    if I compare the value only, it returns true, but not after the FOR EACH ROW condition


    EDIT: I just downgraded to 109 and is working nice

  • Hi again rex,

    I tried using "for each col in row" condition to loop the columns of a particular row I specify, but the console keeps saying it can't find the row index. Is that condition not supposed to be used like that?

    For example, I want to loop through all the columns in row "D", and I did "for each column in row D". The console would complain that it can't find that index.

    UPDATE: Apologies for confusing myself. I used "for each col in row" to specify a row, and then I tried to call "CurRow" thinking that it would refer to the row I was explicitly calling with the index. Missed the part that CurRow is for the for-loop. "for each col in row" does work.

  • rosareven

    Uh, it indeed make user confuse , include myself.

  • Update

    Support save/load system.

  • I have a few questions.

    I understand that you can get data from row & col but can I also get data from the whole col or row.


    this is a part of my csv


    Tanknr.1,Panzer IIC,L1939,13,DE

    Tanknr.2,Panzer III-E,L1939,21,DE

    Tanknr.3,Panzer II-F,E1940,15,DE

    Tanknr.4,Panzer III-F,E1940,23,DE

    Tanknr.35,Carro M11/39,E1940,13,IT

    Tanknr.36,Fiat L6/40,E1940,10,IT

    Tanknr.37,Carro M13/40,E1940,14,IT

    Tanknr.38,Semovente L40,E1940,10,IT

    Tanknr.39,Carro M15/42,E1942,18,IT

    Lets say I want to see my tanks from E1940 from the nation DE.

    so I would need a drop down list were I can set the year and nation. and then the tanks would have to appear in a drag drop box with all the tank data like armor, firepower, speed etc..

    could you show me how to do this?

  • Murat

    Use "condition:For each row" to travel all rows.

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  • I dont know how to use the condition for each row. What action should come after this condition to make it appear on a list? I used CurCol in add item to list. It does not work. Can I do something with the At action?

    like At("year", row all) something like that?

  • Murat

    Capx - for each row

    + CSV: for each row 
    	[li]Text: append text to CSV.At("nation", CSV.CurRow)
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