[PLUGIN] CSV, CSV2Array, CSV2Dictionary

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  • rexrainbow

    Ok, so I need to start with the for each row condition to make it work.

    now im trying to get all the tank names in a separate text. Do I need to use the for each col condition to make the csv look for the tanks from a specific nation and year?

    Im trying things out, so far Im braking firefox.

  • Update:

    Expression:At now has 3 modes.

    1. CSV.At(col, row) - get date by (col, row) from current page.

    2. CSV.At(col, row, page) - get date by (col, row) from target page.

    3. CSV.At(col, row, page, default value) - get date by (col, row) from target page. Return default value if the target entry is invalid.

  • excel to csv

    A tool for transferring excel file to csv text file, each page will create one csv text file.


    1. download this 7z file. unzip it

    2. edit run.bat file, ths format is

    excel2csv excel_filename

    (You might put excel file in the same folder.)

    3. double click run.bat.

    Or, drag the excel file onto excel2csv.exe directly.

    There is a testing run.bat and an excel file inside this 7z file.

  • Really simple question I'm hoping. :) How do I load the file which I'll be manipulating with this plugin in the first place? I'm not seeing a load file, just load from json. Is there a way to load a csv file with this plugin or do I need a different plugin to load the file first?

  • "Action: Load table from csv string" , see first post of this thread.

  • "Action: Load table from csv string" , see first post of this thread.

    I see it but I'm not quite sure how it works to prompt a user for a file to load. What I am looking to do is import data from third party sites. So I can't control the file name on the persons computer. I want to all a user to download info from another site into a csv file on their machine and then give them the ability to upload the information to my server. Would using the file reader plugin work to load the string and then parse it using your plugin?

  • The input parameter of this action is only a string, it could be the result of --

    • read from global variable, instance variable
    • download file from Ajax
    • read from file reader

    Or something else...

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  • Hey Rex, How's going buddy?

    Could you remind me if I can use more then one cvs plugin, and call the something like csv and ssv2 etc and then pull data from both when doing math?


  • megatronx

    I don't understand this request, do you mean that you want to use csv to do matrix calculation?

  • Oh, no no, I shouldn't have say math! I meant just taking a one variable from one table and taking another one from another table, turn them in to int and add them or subtracted etc using system's Set Value.

  • megatronx

    CSV plugin supported multi-pages, each page is one csv table.

    What's math operation do you want?

    For example,

    CSV.PageAdd("res", "p0", "p1") -> page "res" = page "p0" + page "p1"

  • I know it supports multipages. I was just wandering if I could use two csv's so will not have to store values from one page in a tempVar as int, then turn the page, grab another value and put it in to tempVar2, then again turn page back to the page I want to store value on, and set that value in a specific location in the table to 'tempVar + tempVar2' . Loads of hustle. If you could do that grabbing values from different pages would not change the current page, then that would be awesome. Otherwise I would hope that having several csv plugins running simultaneously would do the trick.

  • megatronx

    The parameters of expression:At.

    You could assign page name at "expression:At", more over, you could assign a default value for invalid entry. It's might help you.

    BTW, to support matrix operation is also a good idea. I just don't know when will use it.

  • I know, but last time i was using it, it didn't turn the page to get a value from the page i needed so i had to store those in a separate variable.

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