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  • Hello, does anyone have this plugin?

    Cloud games people did not send me the plugin, just like using HTML5.

    Game client

    To load the game client, include the following code to the <head> segment of the page:

    <script type="text/javascript" src="//cloudgames.com/js/game.js"></script>

    Please note that splash screens are not allowed in the game.

    Configuration of the client

    Each game will have an unique identifier, in this example we will use 99 as the identifier. It’s important to configure the correct identifier, otherwise we won’t be able to measure the generated revenue and impressions. To configure the client, add the following to the <body> segment of the page:

    <script type="text/javascript">
     'id': 99,
     'splash': false

    Displaying advertisements

    By default, we will display the first advertisement on starting the game. We also display advertisements when the player is ‘game over’. The game should call the following function on each ‘game over’:


    And the following function when the actual game play starts:


    For some games, you will need to wrap this function inside another function to make it available in the correct scope. You can add this function to the JavaScript block added in the <body> segment.

    function gameOver() {

    If anyone knows how to use tell me.

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  • Hi Derikvlog,

    I'm also searching for the same thing. Did you have any luck with it?

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