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  • austin I was wondering what the maximum number of players are for your multiplayer rooms?

  • austin I'm really liking your solution, for a game that I'll publish on the appstore.

    I was wondering if anybody was able to publish with the clay.io integration to the appstore, to be clear, does it conform to the apple guidelines (for example does it check for an available internet connection before asking for login or posting stuff?).

    Also is there any way to disable the several console.log(); in the code, apart from creating problems to browsers other than chrome/ff is not certainly the best for a "native" iOS game.


  • austin, also:

    Unsafe JavaScript attempt to access frame with URL localhost from frame with URL clay.io/login. Domains, protocols and ports must match.

    This clearly means that is unusable on a native application..

  • Wink there is no maximum set on our end - if you're talking about the number per room, you can set that in the game settings.

    0plus1 which native solution are you planning to use? We've had a few developers integrate it into 'native' games, but I don't believe they're on the app store yet. The API won't request login if there is no internet connection because...well...the API won't be able to load. Right now it's on the developer to check if there's an internet connection and choose to load or not load the API based on that.

    If you download the API and include it in your game files, there's already some code that makes sure it can connect to our server and fails gracefully if there's not. If you run into any issues with it though, let me know and I'll get things fixed right away.

    For the console.log thing, those all run through a Clay.log method that logs to the console if the object exists and doesn't do anything if it doesn't, so that shouldn't be an issue.

    I don't get the unsafe access message when I try out the API & login modal aside from Facebook (screenshot). Could you expand the message and let me know which method it's coming from? All the cross domain stuff should work just fine, so it's still usable on a native app.

  • austin Hi,

    Is there a reference sample capx or base template to get started with Clay.IO? (I admit I haven't read every reply in this thread!)

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  • austin I see also this: game key error - game not found.

    May it be the reason for the other error?

    I tried to publish, but I don't want to prepare everything just for testing, can you help me understand this issue?


    Prompt login, this error x2:

    Unsafe JavaScript attempt to access frame with URL localhost from frame with URL s-static.ak.facebook.com/connect/xd_arbiter.php Domains, protocols and ports must match.


    p xd_arbiter.php:19

    j.create.whenReady xd_arbiter.php:19

    r.register.init xd_arbiter.php:24

    r.create xd_arbiter.php:24

    (anonymous function) xd_arbiter.php:19

    j xd_arbiter.php:18

    (anonymous function)

    As soon as I click login:

    sending: user instance: false api.js:1

    Logging in... api.js:1

    Socket.IO Loading... api.js:1

    Unsafe JavaScript attempt to access frame with URL localhost from frame with URL clay.io/login. Domains, protocols and ports must match.


    (anonymous function) socket.io.js:2

    E socket.io.js:2

    D socket.io.js:2


  • austin yes, I was referring to your end. When I saw the settings for min, and max players I thought I better ask. Not that I would expect any game I develop to get 2 million players all at once. lol But you never know.

  • Great plugin.

    Testing now.

    I'm appreciated that :)

  • mutuware right now there isn't a good sample capx to work with. I just uploaded this that has a few of the basic things in it - hopefully that helps.

    0plus1 I made a change that might get rid of that error. Let me know if it doesn't (and if it doesn't, what browser are you using?)

  • austin

    <img src="https://dl.dropbox.com/u/3138530/Screenshot_2012-08-09-17-20-10.png" border="0" />

    austin I have exactly the same error in CocoonJS with clay.io plugin, when I copy it to the zip, what is opened in CocoonJS launcher (Android).

    Do you have an android device to test CocoonJS? Would it help if I can copy the full error message (not cutted in the right)?

  • I wasn't able to test CocoonJS with C2 before today as I didn't have a C2 license (which you need to export to CocoonJS). Now however I'm able to test it, so I'll try it out with the Android emulator and get it working properly

  • Ohh, thank you austin! Sorry I did not want to make you under pressure, you make really good work. Also did not know that you just got a license... :)

    To make you clear - or make you sure - I really feel that lot of us waited the R100 to be able to use AppMobi and/or CocoonJS, and simply jump into the mobile markets. The R100 was great, but did not solved all of problmes. Personally I have to workout music playing bugs in AppMobi, and just wait for CocoonJS's cloud build to go to production.

    The only one thing prevents me to publish is the Clay.io plugin functionality. I belive, that I can not go to live without it! :)

    Please PM/email me if you have a solution, what is need to be tested on a harware device with CocoonJS and AppMobi! I have an Alcatel Onetocuh amd Sony Ericsson near me to run the tests...

  • austin

    It still won't work (Chrome latest version). Now it doesn't show that error but it still won't login it gets stuck here:

    sending: user instance: false clay.io/api/api.js:1

    Logging in...

  • 0plus1 is the game key set now?

  • As for an update on CocoonJS, I got it setup in the emulator but the launcher keeps crashing on me on several versions of Android. Going to try and reinstall the Android SDK and hopefully I'll be able to get the launcher up and running

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