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  • I take it you still get that error? If you're on a strict firewall (at work for example) often times ports other than port 80 (the default port for http) are blocked.

    The other reason that could happen is if you're on a very slow connection, and the API isn't able to load within 7 seconds.

    Does either of those sound like you?

  • For an update on CocoonJS, I've completed a packaged version of the API that avoids using the DOM (since by default CocoonJS doesn't have DOM). I still have to create a system of 'home-made' input boxes that use just canvas functions rather than an actual <input> so Clay.io login will work. Many of the API features will not work (anything that requires HTML elements), but it should get the games working in CocoonJS

  • Is there any way to close the leaderboards etc from a gamepad or keyboard? I think the only way I know how to close the window is via a mouse.

  • The escape key should do it, but it doesn't always work properly, so I'll have a look into it.

    EDIT: I looked into it again, and wasn't able to get it to fail (not close on pressing "esc"), so it seems stable, but if you can find a case where that doesn't work, let me know!

  • The plugin is not working on cocoonJS


    TypeError: 'undefined' is not an object (evaluating 'd.parentNode')

    Is there any way you can test your plugin with cocoon?


  • CocoonJS integration is something I'm currently working on, I'll post it as soon as it's done (next few days)

  • Thank you very much austin

  • I need a couple people who are willing to test out the CocoonJS/DOMless API integration for me. Since CocoonJS doesn't have easy access to the DOM, we can't do any sort of UI with HTML, so from CocoonJS if you're using our leaderboard UI rather than doing a loop and showing your own, posting scores will still work, but the displaying the leaderboards won't.

    Shoot me an email austin@clay.io if you're interested

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  • I've updated the plugin to have support for our new Facebook Invite feature.

    It's a great new way to make your game more viral, and is really simple to implement...just create a new action with the event "Invite Facebook Friends". That will connect to the player's Facebook and bring up a modal window with their friends. They can select the friends they wish to invite, and a message will be posted on their Facebook wall about your game.

    There's also an optional condition that will fire when at least one Facebook friend is successfully invited.

    You can find the new version of the plugin here.

  • Hi Austin.

    I can't sign in to Clay.io.

    and also I get an error messages when my game is requesting to post and show leaderboard. here's the msgs.

    "Javascript error!

    Script error.

    clay.io/api/api.js, line 0

    This is either a bug in Construct 2 or a problem in a third party plugin or behavior - please report it to the developer."

    "Make sure your firewall isn't blocking port 843" <--- this pops up when I'm tryn to sign in to clay.io too..

    is clay.io down or something? cox yesterday everything worked fine.

  • Try now. I implemented a new system that was supposed to successfully restart the node.js server if something went haywire yesterday, and for some reason that didn't work out right. Looking into what went wrong so it won't happen again. Update: figured it out, so it shouldn't happen again.

  • Its working now. Thanks

  • Getting errors in windows 8 app. Sorry not at win 8 machine so will post more details in the morning but if anyoe knows anything off the top of their head why the project crashes when I make any calls to clay.io actions please let me know.

  • I'm not sure why it would cause a crash, but shoot me an email with any error logs/extra details - austinnvm@clay.io

    It's on my todo list to work on easy Windows 8 App Store manifest file creation for non-C2 games on Clay.io, so I'll of course double check that the API works as well :)

  • Thanks very much, just sent you an email. I don't really understand this manifest file thing. I know each time i want to test in Windows 8 i have to create a test certificate, but no idea what I'm supposed to do when it comes to submitting and how I get a real certificate

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