[PLUGIN] Clay.io (leaderboards & achievements)

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  • theames - try now (redownload plugin and copy over the files again)

    Pantaloons - the problem with that is we really don't want the developer to have complete control on whether or not the user is logged into Clay.io. Some rogue developer could just have the Clay.io logout method at the start of their game for everyone, so for anyone who played they would be auto-logged out. I suppose I could make a method the developer can call that would open a modal window confirming that the user wants to log out of Clay.io. Would that work for you?

  • austin,

    Sorry I didn't realize the problem you faced with the log out option. Although I'm not quite sure that I understand why a developer would choose to include clay.io in their game, only to auto log out all of their users (perhaps I'm missing something).

    Anyway, your solution of making a method to call a log out window sounds absolutely fine. Could it also include a link to delete an account if the user wishes?

    I think both these options would make users feel more in control of their choices. But don't worry if the second point is too complicated. I can just add some text to inform users they'll need to visit the website to delete their account.

    Thanks again for your time in this matter, it's greatly appreciated.

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  • Working now great job thank you

  • not sure if there's anything can be done about this one but when you login on an android device (im using galaxy s3, im assuming this will be a problem elsewhere) the keyboard hides most of the login elements and its very difficult to scroll down?

  • I'm incorporating the Clay.io construct 2 plugin in my project. Is it possible to set the Time Frame of a leaderboard to a custom amount of seconds or minutes? The only options i can see are the predefined values: All Time, Last 30 days, Last 7 days and Last 24 hours.

  • So Awesome! I loved!!

    Please austin, do you know about this issue?


  • austin

    Hey Austin, first of all just wanted to say amazing job, I love Clay.io

    My app is working with this plugin when i test it in Google Chrome. The problem that i'm having is when i export my app through Cocoonjs and play it on my iPhone 5, there is this grey thin bar on the right side of my screen. This bar does not interfere with taping on the screen but whenever i swipe or hold down it shows up and literally pauses the whole game. I have read this entire form and no one is experiencing this so i must ask you myself.

    The bar seems to be the kind of scroll bar that you see whenever your scrolling through text or websites. I can move this bar with my finger in the scrolling motion as well.

    So basically, i cannot use my app at the moment. Do you know why this is happening?

    Thanks for taking the time to read this.

  • Please disregard my previous comment, i have fixed the issue at the moment.

  • austin

    I'm sorry but i'm going to have to end up adding a third post to this form.

    I fixed the first problem i was having but now i have another.

    The log in and leader boards are EXTREMELY large. I cant figure out how to make these windows smaller because they are unnecessarily big on the iPhone 5. When i try them in Google Chrome they function properly (normal size)

    How do i fix this problem?

    On a side note, i'm having a little trouble correctly displaying the users name in a text field. It works sometimes, but often it changes to "" (nothing) or "Anonymous".

  • austin I'm having some success with Clay.io. However, there's a problem....

    <img src="https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/10196246/clay.JPG" border="0" />

    In the image, you can see the clay login (and eventually leaderboard too) is below the game screen. This login happens automatically. So, is there:

    1. A way to only make the login appear when a button is clicked?

    2. A way to overlay the login on/leaderboard top of the game screen?

    Thank you.

  • austin,

    I have a bug report..


    After you store by the first time a score, it never more update, so, if you make a best score, the leaderboard still showing your first one.

  • TELLES0808

    My understanding is you must set the option to "best" so that it will only update your score if it exceeds the previous one. In other words, it will not add another score, it will just change the old one, to the new best one.

  • TELLES0808

    My understanding is you must set the option to "best" so that it will only update your score if it exceeds the previous one. In other words, it will not add another score, it will just change the old one, to the new best one.

    It's already configured, it's not working.

  • TELLES0808 for the full screen thing, see my response on the Clay.io forum

    Salvo776 try now (login size *should* be back to normal on CocoonJS). A CocoonJS app update seems to have fixed a problem that used to exist where everything would be shrunk to small, so we had to sort of manually scale it up.

    kenhes I'm guessing you have "Use Clay.io Styles" disabled - is that on purpose? If you enable it, it should display as intended.

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  • Its all working as expected now on mobile device using cocoonjs with the cocoonjs launcher app

    however i just compiled it in the cloud with cocoonjs, signed the apk etc, put it on my phone and none of the clay.io stuff works, login doesnt appear, scores not submitted, leaderboards not shown etc

    any idea what this could be? do we need to add something as whitelist url somehow?

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