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  • austin Eclipse can show error logs when running an emulator, though I usually test straight to device.

    I'm in the very early stages of a new android and ios game project, which I think will benefit hugely from clay.io integration. When I get to the stage of starting to test social and iap, I'll let you know which errors are being thrown. I'd rather embed in new games, rather than go back and try once again with existing games.

    Thanks, Andy

  • Hi Austin,

    Is there anyway to change the size of the window to make it larger on Windows Phone? The modal window looks extremely small. In addition, I cannot invite Facebook friends to the game. Any solution?

  • I've created a developer survey to help us choose where to focus for the next few months. If you have some spare time, please fill it out here

    AndyWatson - when you get to that point, do let me know what the errors are so I can try to get it working with Cordova.

    tipztv I don't have a Windows Phone to test on, but I'll see what I can do. Are you just running the game from a browser on the phone, or is it a packaged app (exported with C2 Windows Phone 8 mode)?

  • austin: You can probably test the plugin on the WP8 emmulator or I can test it for you if you want. It is a packed app, exported with C2 WP8 mode.

    I followed the Clay.io Windows 8 tutorial to get the plugin works on WP8, since they are all using VS studio and the structure of the projects are quite similar.

    In the game, the plugin works. I can see the leaderboard, messages which said the score is posted. The leaderboard is sized wrong though. All I can see is the leaderboard name.

    I cannot get the invite FB friends works. It just hang at the invite frined window, there's not pop up window or whatever. If you need screenshots, I can provide it via email.

  • With C2 R124, you should be able to store the game save data on Clay.io as well. Just pass the JSON string it generates to the Clay.io data storage action, and it will store it 'in the cloud'.

    Let me know if any of you run into issues with this!

  • Here is some custom leaderboard example with tabs for amkp (via) using the DIV plugin

    <img src="http://i.imgur.com/GIhwr9s.png" border="0">

    <font size="1">(it uses my leaderboard ID by default and you'll see some numbers before the name - I'm using those as links in the actual project)</font>

    austin I never needed to use the "last 24h" filter before, but I noticed that when "fetch leaderboard object" returns no results for a time frame, and you try to call "clayio.LeaderboardName(0)" there's a console error that pops up, can you have a look?

    (I tried the above capx with your test account "testfff" ID16, which had to recent entry)

  • Hi austin,

    Fantastic plugin!

    I was thinking of using it in my game, but wanted to clarify something first.

    Some of the posts I've read on game site forums, seem to suggest that some people are still wary of logging in to things they are unfamiliar with.

    I'd like to offer users an opportunity to opt-out of posting their high scores online. But leave the option open should they change their minds in the future.

    So for example when my game first loads, a pop up box will open to ask if the user would like to post high scores. If they select yes then clay.io login box appears. If they select no then it does not. And if they change their mind in the future, there would be an option to turn on high scores in my game settings window, which would activate clay.io login window again.

    Can this be achieved in clay.io, and if so do you have any documentation to show how this would be done.


    <img src="smileys/smiley4.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

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  • Hi austin,

    I've been looking through the documentation on the clay.io website, and I've sort of answered my last question (see above). I've now implemented a window where users can choose to login, and I've added a login button in my settings window, so they can login at a later date if they wish.

    I'd also like to allow them to log out of clay.io, if they decides they don't want to post their scores anymore. How can I allow them to log out of the system from within the game?


  • lemo - try with the latest version of the plugin. That *should* be fixed.

    Pantaloons - that's something you should implement on your own. We allow players to login as a guest, but if you want it so their scores don't post at all, you should create an option in your game. Then I would use the C2 local storage object to store their decision (post or don't post). To 'log them out' that would just be updating their decision to be "don't post"

  • Thanks for the reply austin, I'm a little surprised that there's no way for a user to log out of clay.io (from within a game), but Ill give your suggestion a try!

  • Hi austin,

    Just for clarification and future reference. If a user/player decides they do not wish to be part of Clay.io anymore, how would they go about logging out of it completely?


  • clay.io/logout - but you can also delete your account on the settings page.

  • tried clay.io with the cocoonjs launcher on android and my button click to open the leaderboard doesnt work, in fact cant get any clay.io functions to work, no errors in the console or anything, it just doesnt do anything, this is the same on ipad and iphone too, any ideas?

  • ok i found this comment:


    which indicated i need to add the files to the zip, which i have now done but its still not working

    in the console i can see its connected to clay.io without any problems and calls the leaderboard, the last thing in the console is "Creating the modal" yet nothing appears?

  • Hi austin, thanks for the quick reply.

    Do you have any plans to include a logout option in the modal window. I only ask as I think some users might find it rather inconvenient (if they've signed up through a game interface), to have to navigate to a website to logout or delete an account! Surely if you can sign up/log in from a game, you should be able to log out through it as well.


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