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Pixel Destruction like in "Worms" (Drawing Canvas based)
  • ghost

    Oh, wow, I didn't know that. Thanks for the info. Not sure if this is good or bad news for Node-Webkit.


    Ah, good point, that would explain a great deal. A bit surprised that Chrome doesn't use WebGL in this particular case, as it seems to use it in other situations, but there might be more to it than I understand.

    Thanks a lot for the update!

  • This is my favorite changelog entry ever:

    "[fix] A typo fix and a few other fixes that I don't recall."

  • I have a question about the Canvas plugin. I started using it over th weekend because I needed some additional drawing functions (lines, circles, arcs, paths, etc...) so I downloaded this, and so far I like it. However, is this the Canvas2D renderer providing this functionality? I ask because in some of the tips & techniques postings I see that WebGL is allegedly much, much faster than the Canvas2D renderer. If this is indeed that renderer, any plans on updating this to use WebGL?

  • take into account that:

    1.- this plugin in fact runs better on canvas2d,

    2.- and remember iOS runs on canvas2d too, not webgl, if you are targeting that platform.

  • This has already been answered a couple of pages earlier. See THIS post.

  • My mind is blown. I'm working on a stealth-action game (top-down view) and this is gonna add so much dimension to the seek-and-evade aspects of the game, such as finding hidden passages. ;) Thank you for this!

  • I think I've found a problem with the canvas plugin. Due to the way it provides a color for a line. For example:

    "rgb(40,50,40)" All this as a string, we can't use a gobal variable of our project.

    For instance:

    Value= 50;

    "rgb(Value, 10, 10)" Won't work at all.

    Anyone knows how to solve this? Is there any way to bypass this situation?

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  • Hey, do you think you know a way to make whatever you draw in a canvas object an alpha mask? So instead of primitive shapes both it and anything overlapped by it are fully transparent?

  • Heptagono - did you try turning the variables into a string?

    something like:


    The ColourVar would be a string variable, the RedValue,GrnValue and BlueValue would be integers.

  • How can one clear a path (turn it transparent) can it be implemented?

  • gamepopper

    Erasing is done by pasting objects with the "destination out" blend.

    You could use a second canvas with the "destination out" blend and draw to that then paste it to the first canvas.


    The paster does this with quads. I'll have to have to consider a way to cleanly add it to the ACEs for this plugin. In the mean time you could try the methods above.

  • The latest Chrome version broke something for me with "draw circle". Drawing large circles of certain sizes at certain positions makes a strange gradient effect appear next to the circle borders. I'm pretty sure this is a bug in Chrome's canvas drawing and not in your plugin though.

  • Gracias!!!!!<font color=magenta></font>

  • scirra.com/forum/smileys/smiley17.gif

    Hey this is wonderful plugin THANKS bruv. Thank you so much for sharing

  • scirra.com/forum/smileys/smiley17.gif

    Hey this is wonderful plugin THANKS bruv. Thank you so much for sharing

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