[PLUGIN] c2i - canvas/base64/screenshot to image

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  • Hi! This plugin looks great Joe7 !

    The links to download the plugin are broken, does anyone have it?


  • Joe7 come back please. People need this plugin.

  • clauddia06

    Link to 1.6 beta-preview on the 5 page of this topc. But it does not work

  • clauddia06

    Link to 1.6 beta-preview on the 5 page of this topc. But it does not work

    it says in the description of the 1st page... you need this behavior [quote:3b1h80oq]1.1) Since version 1.1 it's possible to create PNG-files out of Base64-strings. Together with Pode's behavior "Extract Sprite to base64 string" it's possible to save sprites to images.


    then you need a file on a server... and wont work on preview ... you need to export to make it work.. upload it on a website... and add the file.php in the same folder .. but we need Joe7 to come back and update the plugin... he made it for r98 was it back in 2012? its r212.2 r213 version... maybe some parts changed... and also its confusing trying to solve the plugin to make it run... can this be inserted as an option or secondary expression in default system CanvasSnapshot? and be something like CanvasSnapshotLocation(x1,y1,x2,y2)? it wold be just easier.... then... will be also awesome to have the send CanvasSnapshot To Printer Action ... maybe im asking to much....

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  • Hello everyone,

    The link of the plugin is broken, does anyone have it?

    Thanks!!! ; -)

  • Does this plugin support Construct 3?

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