[PLUGIN] c2i - canvas/base64/screenshot to image

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  • Hi, ive been testing and trying but have trouble making my own custom version or importing it into a project

    i have uploaded the demo version and it works

    but my simple custom version only saves blank png files

    im not sure what i could be doing wrong? any idea?

    EDIT: i found the problem, when placing the plugin on the stage, you MUST create a start texture for it, or it wont work!

  • in my current project i have trouble making it work

    to save > (bottom "extra" tab)


    it saves the canvas but only the plugin-graphic,

    also noticed when zoomed out off screen (the plugin-graphic) it doesnt save at all (scrollwheel is zooming)

    //active objects are on the same layer, fullscreen or not is same

    could it be, something to do with multilayers? but why does the plugin-grahic gets saved?

  • What do you try to save? Text-objects and objects that are not drawn on the canvas cannot get saved.. sprites on different layers should work-perhaps better with the canvas2d renderer - I suppose but I haven't tried..

  • when the "c2i-object" is not on screen, the save-function is not executed...(theres no save completed) i just thought that was strange

    im would want to save any object besides the c2i-logo,

    in my project there are objects you can place with mouseclick, these are on the same layer as the plugin, and also in the canvas, not sure why they dont get saved,

    also the hmtl5 logo's that already there dont get saved, any idea why not?

  • vtrix: It's difficult to find the bug without knowing your project in details.

    I don't know if or how your used library "FileSaver.js" influences the c2 runtime (painting-threads). As far as I've found out during developing this plugin, it's texture has to be "painted" on the construct-canvas (as a blank-image should be possible - the users doesn't see it but it is not "invisible" [in real] ;) ) because some browsers doesn't update the canvas-graphics without a runtime (plugin) redraw. You haven't uploaded the fallback script - so on android-webkit it wont work (but desktop-browsers should have no problem).

    Which Construct release have you used? I haven't testet the plugin with the newest beta r86 - it shouldn't have problems with it but I cannot proof it for now.

  • hi joe, thanx for looking into it, .. i have a working test version in the latest beta 86, but in my project it still a no go, im now removing everything from the project too see where the problem is, but this far it still generate a blank, i will post the file in the minimal version if it still doesnt generate, maybe you will see the problem..

  • Still blank save, i have almost completly deleted everything


    edit: i have found by removing the c2i-plugin from the project and redo it, it finaly saves the html icons, but not the other objects grrrr :(

  • Objects that are put on the canvas at runtime are not saved to the canvas, is this correct? or should that work?

  • vtrix: Yes that's a plugin-bug. I've seen that bug now too.. I'll work on it asop..

  • Any news on this Joe7? wondering if you having trouble fixing that bug Would really love to use this plugin, its a must have!

  • vtrix: I've rewritten the plugin now so, that it works with the canvas2d renderer (in edittime). I'll release it tomorrow as beta-preview because I've no time at the moment to work on it or to test it..

  • 1.6 beta-preview:

    Plugin is now an object-plugin again - doesn't appear in a C2-layout. It currently works with the canvas2d-renderer but I've to clean up the plugin-code and remove all drawing functions before the 1.6 release.. asop .. <img src="smileys/smiley2.gif" border="0" align="middle">

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  • didnt see the update.., i tried uploading the export folder, but didn't work on my side, chrome or firefox , it does create the image, i maybe try re exporting..

    ah now i understand, it works , but only in canvas2d mode, great! wil test it with my application


  • Joe7

    Are you still working on a newer version? was hoping for a webgl-version

  • Unfortunatly I've no time for that in the next days.. but asap..

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