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  • Hello all,

    I just wanted to start a thread for some "official" discussion for this plugin:


    Currently the supported functionality includes:

    BlackBerry Messenger

    • Invite To Download
    • Update Personal Status Message

    In-App Payments

    • Purchase Digital Good
    • Get Existing Purchases
    • Get Digital Good Price
    • Check If Digital Good Is Purchased

    If you are developing for BlackBerry 10 and end up using this plugin, it would be great to get feedback on your experience.

    That being said, what else would you like to see added?

  • Finally!

    I will test all API when is exported to Blackberry 10.

    I don't know what else we would like to add, maybe I will tell you when I discover something.

    Thanks! I will let you know if I found some issues.

  • Thanks.

    Since the Playbook won't be supported,

    maybe it's time to find a Z10....

  • gonzdevour I have an Z10, if you like to test your game.

  • Awesome news. Thanks Erik. Time to get crackin on my Q5

  • gonzdevour I have an Z10, if you like to test your game.

    hi, thank you.

    I borrowed a BB10 Dev Alpha B form our government,

    followed Ashley's tutorial and successfully deployed my platformer game.

    The problem is, I could open the game and play around some simple layout like: title,menu,credits, but the device flashed back when I try to go to the main gameplay level which has more than 30000~50000 width layout.

    I am trying to figure out which element made the device flash back.

    If you has any clue(e.g. never use some plugin or behavior), please tell me.

  • I think the plugin is great but the webwork system must has it's own problem.......

    I tried to deploy my current C2 game into BB10,

    everything worked well from preload to title layout,

    but I can't get my gameplay layout work.

    (which is OK on iOS ipa and Android APK)

    My test steps:

    1.close all the related event sheets

    2.Start to delete the objects in gameplay layout.

    Yesterday to today, I tested about 30 times,

    there has always been ONE OBJECT make the app falsh back to home.

    It means, if I delete this object, works; re-put this object, flash back.

    However, this ONE OBJECT is NOT SPECIFIC,

    as far as I tried, more than 3 different kinds of objects can be this object. It means the flashing back caused by uncertain reasons, maybe memory or some other things.

    The art graphics are not belong to me,

    so I can't paste the capx download link.

    Here is the screenshot of C2 Debugger:

    <img src="http://i1220.photobucket.com/albums/dd443/gonzdevour/2013-9-104E0B534812-11-47_zps970958e5.jpg" border="0" />

    Maybe BB10 Webwork system can't hold a normal size game?

    A pretty small one-stage casual game will be better.

  • Hm, odd behaviour. Would you be willing to fire me the BAR file so I can test it on a device here?

    I haven't tried with such a large world (30000-50000) but in theory that shouldn't really be an issue.

    I'm also not *totally* understanding that "one object causes the game to flash back". Does it happen immediately when you try to load the game or during game play?

    You indicated that one object seems to be causing the break (fixed if that object is removed), but the object can vary? How do you identify the object?

    Would love to get this sorted as it seems like a rather solid title you've put together. Just need a bit more information to make sure I'm understanding correctly.

  • Hi WaterlooErik, excellent job :o do you have plans to make a minimization behavior for BB10?

  • stroker5: Can you elaborate a little on "minimization behavior"? Would that just be a notification / trigger for when the application gets minimized?

  • Hi WaterlooErik, I check the Plugin, but testing my Game and the "Hello World" cant register or integrate BBM! I'm doing something wrong or is there a problem with the plugin?


  • I've managed to reproduce this and find a workaround.

    First, please ensure that you've modified your config.xml to include the necessary permissions and features.







    <feature id="blackberry.bbm.platform" />


    <feature id="blackberry.payment" />

    Second, there seems to be an issue stemming from minifying the scripts. When minified, I noticed Web Inspector was logging the following error:

    blackberry.bh.platform is undefined

    The API should be blackberry.bbm.platform, but the minification process appears to be changing the API signature to something that does not actually exist.

    When I opted to not minify the scripts, the API executed as blackberry.bbm.platform and proceeded to function.

    No changes were made to the CAPX file or plugin files.

    Can you give this a shot?

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  • For reference, updated information on integrating with WebWorks SDK 2.0 can be found here:


  • WaterlooErik

    To support minify, I think you have to do this






  • Ah, good find! I'll make those changes.

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