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  • Set text properties by bbcode

    It supports bold, italic, text color, or size properties recently.

    See demo first,

    • type something at textbox

    Document, plugin and sample capx are included.

    It also supports scrolling and typing by rex_text_scrolling behavior / rex_text_typing behavior.

  • nice job ! thks guy!

  • This is fantastic! Thank you so much. This is especially helpful for some of our clients who have specific branding standards for displaying their product and company names.

  • Update

    Fix bug of getting text width.

  • zenox98

    Would you please help me to move this thread into "completed addons"?

  • rexrainbow

    Moved as requested.

  • I'd love to see this integrated as an offical feature with a setting to enable BB code formatting for individual textboxes. Nice work rexrainbow .

  • Amazing work rexrainbow!

    I've got a two questions about features that could be added in future if possible of course:

    1. Would it be possible to add URL tags to make hyperlinks within the text?

    2. Would it be possible to add "sprites" in form of IMG tags within the text (to add smiley's for example)?

    Something like this in C2:

    This is just some random text including a smiley face [img=#SPRITENAMEHERE#][/img] in the middle of the text![/code:3lsc2shy][u]Result in the game view:[/u]
    This is just some random text including a smiley face    in the middle of the text!
  • TheRealDannyyy

    They might be impossible.

    • "hyperlinks" includes an area definition to cache the clicking for request1.
    • mix an image also not easy in this plugin for request2.
  • rexrainbow

    This works really well! I got it implemented into my existing system way easier than I thought I would.

    One conflict I'm having is that I have a dialogue system that displays text letter-by-letter. Since the text is drawn this way, it will display the BBCode inputs letter-by-letter until the full code is complete.


    Do you know of any way to make this apply the BBCode before the final letters are made?



    I did some thinking and developed a little trick to solve my problem. I'll post it here for the curious folks.

    Basically I made it so that the normal letter-by-letter display would stop when it saw an open bracket and start again when it saw a closed bracket.

    I had another variable (Text_Temp) keep track of the current letter in isolation by using mid(Text_Source.Text, Index, 1). The index variable increases by one every check, which is what determines how many letters I will display (the basic typewriter event). So if I have the sentence "Hello" in Text_Source.Text, when my index reaches three Text_Temp = "l" only.

    Then I made a switch variable (Text_Switch). When Text_Temp = "[" then it bypasses the normal text display. When Text_Temp = "]" it resumes.

    Here's a picture. Hope this helps anyone who has the same issue.

    Thanks again for this plugin, Rex! You're a real lifesaver!

  • Merlandese

    A simplest way to type letter by letter is using by rex_text_typing behavior (sample capx)


    Here is a sample capx to get substring of bbcode text, but text_typing behavior is better.

  • rexrainbow , this is fricking amazing!!!! And it also comes with shadows!!! And support for your type-writing behavior?! WOW!

    Just letting you know, in Microsoft's Edge, the bold doesn't work. Size, color and italic are working though.

    Is there any chance to support underlining in the future..? [./u] doesn't produce anything

    Anyway, again, thank you soooooo much for your effort and contribution!!! You're the best!

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  • eli0s


    This bbcode text plugin does not support shadow now, you might try tag text.

    How about this shadow mark?


    Microsoft's Edge

    Sorry, I don't have edge browser now since I still use win7.


    I might have plan on it but not recently.

  • eli0s


    This bbcode text plugin does not support shadow now, you might try tag text.

    How about this shadow mark?


    I don't understand! I find an option for setting shadows in the bbcode text object, see the following picture!

    Also, this [shadow=#color]text[/shadow] is a command for the bbcode object or dor the TagText plugin..?

    Anyway, if you find the time for "underline" support, that would be a great addition I think.

    Never the less, what you've already done is superb!!! Thank you again!!!

  • eli0s

    Ah.... yes, this plugin has action to configure "shadow" and it works indeed, amazing!

    ( I forgot it really )

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