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  • <img src="http://i.imgur.com/sPOSFRS.jpg" border="0">

    This plugin for Construct 2 makes it easy to integrate the power of Azure Mobile Services into your games for Windows 8. Saving to the cloud is a great way to seamlessly store data for achievements, leaderboards, save games, user data and lots more!

    <img src="http://i.imgur.com/xFIJGgD.jpg" border="0">

    <font size="5">Example basic use case:</font>

    The player gets a new high score and wants to post it online so others can try and beat them! With this plugin they can login using either Facebook, Microsoft, Google or Twitter and add their score to an Azure database. Then when they go to the leaderboards page, they can pull down the data and see how they rank! They can even make use of advanced filtering and sorting to see only their scores, scores from a specific user and more!

    <font size="5">Advanced use case:</font>

    After rolling your own level editor you want a way for users to be able to save their creations privately and securely in the cloud. Using authentication you can filter levels by user so only they can see/edit their own creations, until they choose to publish then other users will be able to play, rate and comment.

    <font size="5">Conditions</font>

    <font size="4">Data</font>

    • On Query Completed
    • On Record Deleted
    • On Record Inserted
    • On Record Updated

    <font size="4">Data Error Handling</font>

    • On Query Error
    • On Record Delete Error
    • On Record Insert Error
    • On Record Update Error

    <font size="4">Identity</font>

    • Is User Authenticated
    • On Authenticate Success
    • On Logged Out

    <font size="4">Identity Error Handling</font>

    • On Authenticate Error

    <font size="5">Actions</font>

    <font size="4">Data</font>

    • Delete Existing Record
    • Insert New Record
    • Query Table
    • Update Existing Record

    <font size="4">Identity</font>

    • Authenticate User
    • Log Out

    <font size="5">Expressions</font>

    • LastData
    • LastFullName
    • LastUserID

    <font size="5">Download</font>

    Download the .c2addon plugin file (r120.2 and above only)

    <font size="5">Example</font>

    .capx example file

    <font size="5">Documentation</font>

    View the documentation online

    <font size="5">Source</font>

    View the source on CodePlex

    <font size="1">Users that may be interested: iunkn, itdevelop, benhigg, EyeHawk, ArcadEd, SocalSam, moenchlax, Aphixe, loyalpenguin, Kyrielich, alberthrs, sbucci, fixious, Po10c, bWard, Dgsstan, yoshua, Jayjay, InTheHeaven, lambomann007, mattharrington, kenhes, wsmickeys, stephenho</font>

  • Yay! Will give it a try today. Please update the WP8 plugin too!

    You rock!

  • Nice one, was wondering when you'd announce this since the Tiga event some weeks back.

    Currently I'm using clay.io but I'd be interested in using AZURE.

    What's the pricing actually like (after the 90 day free trial.

    Is it realistic to run a small game with 100MB Database and 40gb bandwidth for $8.60 a month? Or is it actually going to be a lot more than that?

  • labithiotis That's a good question - I'll get someone from Microsoft to clarify for you.

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  • Hi Labithiotis

    A Standard tariff, you have listed should be more than enough.

    However I would advise you setup a temp account to model the costs simply ?sign up here for a FREE 90 day trial?. aka.ms/azure_trial

    The process is simple ? takes 2-3 minutes.

    You will be asked to enter your credit card details for identity verification. The spending limit on your card will be automatically set to ?0.00. If at the end of your free period you?d like to remove the spending limit, you can. Otherwise it will remain in force forever. So you can get a model and greater understanding of the cost of running the plugin.

    Best wishes


  • Does this plugin work for Windows Phone or is it strictly Windows 8?



  • BusyPixel this is just Windows 8 I'm afraid, Windows Phone doesn't support HTML5/JS natively so it would have to be rewritten in C#.

  • Hey, I was just wondering if such a plugin existed today. And then I found this and saw my name under "Users that may be interested" It's like you're reading my mind/the future!! :P

    But good job! Looking forward to giving this plugin a whirl in about a month or so. I want to add some online/cloud stuff into a game I'll be making after the current Windows 8 comp is over.

  • Another fantastic plugin by Great work mate! :)

  • thehen would you recommend using authorize? for just a highscore table

    also, with the new merging of windows and windows phone, will this work in the future with windows phone do you think?


  • thehen this would be a great universal plugin if it works in any HTML5 app as opposed to just the Windows 8 apps. Great Universal Leaderboards, it could even be use to implement tracking for your own IAP since some marketplaces have issues with the restore purchases... you could just track what add-ons, etc... have been purchased by storing them in the Azure database... I see a lot of potential in using Azure across platforms and games.

  • BluePhaze

    switching this plugin to a HTML5 version is pretty easy. I have mine for the most part working. It works on html5 websites along with windows 8 and 8.1.

    i have not tried it on say android yet.

  • BluePhaze totally agree, I've just not had time to port it myself.

    thanks for your work on this - any chance you could upload and I'll do some cross-platform testing?

  • thehen

    i am still working on it

    so far I have:

    + inserting row

    + pulling table

    done and tested. The rest I have not had time to work on. I can upload that, or once time allows I will be doing it all.

  • cool, whenever is best for you.

    How does authentication work using HTML5 btw?

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