[plugin] 3D using Copperlicht

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  • ok, all seems ok now so ... my copperlicht demo is Here !

    Good tests !

  • naelian very nice! I was actually going to add an action to the plugin to add collision responders to 3d nodes (no need to check for collisions in C2). I might be able to release an FPS mini game using that new action next week. However, I'm curious, how did you make your demo?


  • thanks !

    I use a standard free cam with no control in coppercube (all is C2 control) but the cam is embelled in a CubeMesh with "collide when moved" behaviour .... after 50 attempts it works ! ... i will give you a link to my coppercube project (in PM) for better understanding.

    Yes ! good news we really need a collision responder too ! ... also something to move/throws objects such as the cube in tutorial 6 (my example) of copperlicht sdk if possible !

    I also try to adapt your plugin to ie using ie_webgl/copperlicht_iewegl.js but no success this time .. i'm probably too novice !

  • A new release for my copperlicht demo will be update in 10 minutes (same link as before) ... it's using some cool new features add by Juantar in his last copperlicht plugin version (2 june).

    Changes :

    ++ Now a green cube is created on the target area ... notice the effect when on and thru the grid of the new moving door. Good news for future shooting features !

    + Coppercube managed now the gravity

    ++ Add a Crouch/JUMP mode ... try JUMP it's fun ;-p

    + Alter speed move depending on movement type and add walking effect.

    ~ Always some engine "native" collision bugs sometimes specially in stairs, unwanted bounces against ceiling too ... difficult to find a 100% bug free setting ;-(

    (@juantar) ;-p : i have used only the new features that i could make work !) collision responder make engine crash !

    Enjoy !

  • your testroom.capx probably dont work with c2 r93

  • the testroom.capx don't work without changes in preview mode. It's possible to make it work since R92 in preview mode using the new import feature (look some post above).

    Do this changes in C2 R92 or R93 :

    Put all files in "/copperlichtdata" into project using "files" import feature (R92+)"

    Change the load scene function parameters and use "/nameofscene.cbbjs" or "./nameofscene.cbbjs" ... (sorry i don't remember the exact scene name) and this should work if plugin installed and webgl browser use of course !.

    But exporting in R93 have broken my project which now work "only" in preview mode ! ... so if you are trying to test Juantar testroom after export it will probably don't work as mine.

  • Sorry folks, I have not been able to fix the crash with collision responders and the r93 problem yet. I will try to work on it tonight or tomorrow.

  • Not sure who can do something about R93 problem if so.

    Perhaps something missing now in generated "index.html" about copperlicht.js references or a canvas def incompatibility. The best seems to revert to R92, testing if all is working again, save the work and look at differences in generated files with the unworking R93 version ... but as i don't understand why my unworking project in R92 begins to work ... "no minifying" when exporting was important but seems not enough.

  • ... export problem seems to be link to R93 ! ... in fact in R93 3 things are important before exporting a copperlicht C2 project :

    1?) "Clear background = yes" ... seems now really needed to avoid great graphical problem with copperlicht display (problems appeared after export or are bigger after export than in preview mode depending on browsers use !).

    2?) Don't use "Use loader layout" so it must stay to "No" !

    (others values make copperlicht 3D part don't working after export)

    3?) Unchecked minifying scripts (minifying script make copperlicht 3D part don't working after export)

    delgado, you can find HERE the result of the juantar test room rebuild in R92.

    And HERE the project file of the juantar test room rebuild in R92 with changes to make it works in preview mode (R92 or R93 needed).

    I keep all this R92 data safe in a read only mode in case of future problems ;-p

    (My exported project now works again in R93 using this tips ...)

    ENjoy !

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  • Thanks that looks fantastic those lights and textures :)

  • OK, fixwed some of the issues with collision responder. I also updated the "testroom.capx" file to use the new actions for collision detection with rays from camera and the collision responders for the player. Live demo here (shoot with space bar or gamepad A button).

    Thank you naelian for your tips!

  • Thanks for this new release, there is now fewer and fewer really important features missing in the plugin.

    The proximity sensor is one of this feature, the build in sensor in coppercube is bugged but seems there is a way to create a custom function working. This function is important to bring life to 3D scene, make ghouls attacking or traps open under player feet !.

    A way to move a object using a ray as path could be fun too to give better shooting effect ... perhaps it's possible now, i don't try.

  • works fine at newest relase :)

  • My "copper" project is broken again and i don't know why ... always good in preview mode and broken after C2 R96 HTML5 publishing ... so it seems difficult to have a real stable result in time ! ... i've also update my java version to 7 so there is perhaps a link ...

  • juantar@ as nealien said testroom dont work after export and display with dropbox

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