[plugin] 3D using Copperlicht

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  • Oh wow, looks very nice!!

  • Wow very good, this would be an amazing addon to c2

  • smitchell: I have the following events and actions right now to allow the sprite to rotate left and right and to move forward or backward in the direction the sprite is facing:

    <img src="http://mathbattlegame.appspot.com/static/copperlicht/tutorial2/Capture.PNG" border="0" />

    The problem with this is that it does not use the built-in movement behaviours, so the object is not stopping when colliding with solids. newt suggested using the 8-direction behaviour, but that does not work because the sprite can only move in 8 directions and not any direction like the demo does right now. I could copy the the 8direction behavior and mod it in javascript to allow moving in any of direction (any of the 360 degrees) ; but before doing that I want to make sure I am not re-inventing the wheel by doing something that can be accomplished with the already-made behaviors. As always, thank you for your time helping me.

    Animmaniac: I did not know there was an irrlicht plugin for MMF :), I bet that was a very welcomed addition to it. The last click product I used was MMF classic (v1.0) and before that, Klick and Play. I loved the days of Klick and Play when every body was sharing their code files in the maxis website, a lot of people built on top of other people's work, that was my first exposure to "open source code" (if you can call it that :) ). Anyways, glad to see another ex-click here, I am very excited about C2, building plugins for it is like 10 times easier than building them for MMF 1.0.

  • You can fake it with a on collision event inverted as the first trigger.

    Sprite negated is overlapping wall

    - do stuff


    That doesn't take backing up into account for objects tho.:P

  • Something like this could hopefuly work.

  • Thanks Kyatric, that is exactly what I needed!

    I updated the demo. Now you can shoot "bullets" by pressing 'Q'.

    I also added the download to both the plugin and the demo at:


    The name of the download is copperlicht-c2-plugin-v-0.9.zip.

    Please note that to run the sample capx, you will need to export it to your web server (either local server like IIS express, apache, etc. or to a external server). The reason behind this, is that copperlicht will try to load the external file containing the level made in Coppercube. I could not find a way of embedding that files and the texture files needed by that file in C2's debug server. I personally use IIS express to test demo in my computer.

    Another thing to note is that there is a lot of trial and error trying to match the coordinates between copperlicht and C2. For example, for the walls, I used coppercube to design the 3D level and "measured" the units there and put the objects in the same place in C2's layout.

  • This icon comes from C1.

    Maybe you can put it into 3d plugin.

  • impressive!!!!!

  • I click preview on my pc and i dont see 3d object, why?

  • delgado : the copperlicht level won't work in C2's preview. The detailed explanation for this is in the 1st post of this thread; it basically comes down to the fact that I do not know how to embed the coppercube level file and its related files (everything that is in the "copperlichtdata" folder) into the Preview sever.

    If you want to run the game with 3d, you need to export to your local or external web server and make sure the "copperlichtdata" folder is in that server as well.

  • Create a demo game with this :)

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  • Update: added a "get walls" feature. With this feature, you can read the positions of each wall from a mesh. The wall detection works by scanning the vertices of a mesh and finding any triangle that has 2 vertices whose Y position is equal to a value passed by the user. The positions of those two vertices get stored in an array that you can read from C2. A demo of this feature is included in the zip and you can see it in action here.

    I also added "get node position X,Y,Z" expressions which allows you to get the coordinates of a 3d object. An offset parameter was also added to allow you to set a global position offset (see room sample). I also organized a little bit the actions and expressions into categories.

  • I updated the room demo to support gamepads. Now you can "look around" using the right joystick in your gamepad and move with the left joystick (if your browser supports your gamepad). A youtube video is

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  • With the new "files" import feature in C2 it's now possible to test copperlicht plugin without exporting the project, simply import all files from "copperlichtdata" folder and load scene with a load scene "/nameofscene.ccbjs".

    I try to create something with your plugin but have lot of problem managing camera/target collide settings with a full C2 managed camera ... but i have not yet use your "walls" so ... do you think it will possible with "walls" to managed a C2 camera climbing stairs such as in copperlicht examples ?

    Another question !, it's possible with iewebgl to use webgl in IE ... seems a special iecopperlicht.js have been created so do you will adapt your plugin for IE with iewebgl for less narrow use ?.

  • I finally succeed in use of "collide when moved" build in copperlicht features AND C2 full control user input ... so no need using "walls" ;-).

    I want now to make you discover my work but have a small problem ... R92 import files features make load .ccbjs scene work in preview mode but ... now it's impossible to make an exporting project load the .ccbjs ... black output windows always ...

    EDIT (Stupid i am sorry, it works if minify script is not checked when exporting project ...)

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