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  • Hi, c2 and c3 community !

    we are small home studio developer ( web and app ) …

    we saw that Construct with it Vision to become Visual Game Builder can be BIG, and it can become bigger than any other game creator ( Game Maker, Clickteam, stencyl..., etc ) because it have great Community and Developer ( scirra ) that strive to create and update it's feature

    but as visual ( no code ) game developer , we ( and we sure a lot of many otther visual cretor in here ) got some trouble in finding good backend for our app / game, where we can securely store app data, manage user data , manage push notification, etc because as We knew it, ALL GREAT / BIG GAME HAVE SOME SORT OF EXTERNAL BACKEND ( STORE DATA , RETRIEVE DATA, etc ) and there's no way in construct to do it without extension / addon, but sadly backendless addon for c2 are deprecated

    We using Backendless ( ) for our web application by using Construct to communicate with its REST API, and backendless are ( in our opinion ) better than firebase , because :

    backendless more user friendly, where we can create table, fill table with data and set relations between table ( like in My SQL / any other SQL database ), where if we using firebase it will be harder to create some data structure, and set data relations ( user and items for example ), this will become c2 Great feature comparing to other visual game creator because A LOT game and app creator are waiting for easy to use but feature - rich application backend for creating advanced app

    backendless are privately owned ( not by facebook or google ) , as we know many good backend are owned by mega corporations like google or fb, an we have saw the Dead of Parse at it peaks, because fb close it ( and many HTML5 / android developer who invested their time, money and energy at parse are shocked… ) backendless are privately owned so in long term ( at least 5 years ) we can securely save our data in there ( and c2 user can assume their data and business are in good hands )

    Backendless are robustly created with many advanced feature, like CRUD ( create, Read , Update and DELETE ) data, user registration and sign in , permission system ) etc…, so C2 user can create game / app as advanced and feature-rich as hand coded HTML5 android game / app

    We sure if any community member create Backendless Plugin ( maybe pot from already deprecated c2 backendless plugin )

    we hope our concern will be hear by C2 team / community member and applied for C2 to become the Most advanced Game Application builder with its great feature

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