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  • can confirm it is working again, its updating slow though

  • I try it yesterday and it work well ( test with save LeaderBoardsData and in playtomic data is updating ).

    Good plugin, I will use some function and check if that working or not .

    It save and load score good in localhost, but in dropbox, the saveleaderboard doesn't work, anybody have problem like this ?

  • seems like its down again or ?

    HTTP Error 503. The service is unavailable.

  • Do other people also experience playtomic beeing down now and then ?

    at the moment my highscores aren't displaying nor can they be submitted.

    debugging gives

    Request URL:http://g68fe20de25fa4767.api.playtomic.com/tracker/q.aspx?swfid=7349&q=v/80&url=http://ohrly.net/boingbeta/&0.7640805842820555z

    Request Method:GET

    Status Code:503 Service Unavailable

    edit: its up again

  • Guys, I need your help!

    I' ve made game that runs as a facebook app and uses Playtomics plugin for collecting highscores. However- I don't know why- some players' scores just don't save no matter what would I do (scores don't show on playtomic.com as well). Firstly I had game published through dropbox but now I changed it and it runs on hostgator.com- with all https demanded by facebook.

    I can't localize the origin of the problem- would be grateful for some reply 'cause I'm kind of desperate now! ;)

  • Hello guy, i'm working hard on a game using this playtomic plugin ("Undersea Challenge" in "Your creations" subject) ... notice something which could be useful for you ... posting of score only work if playtomic server can really find the "source" ... on "Dropbox" for example ... if index.html is in a shared folder containing a space ex "/MY GAME/index.html" ... posting of scores never work as playtomic server don't find the "source"(viewing is still ok) ... but with "/MYGAME/index.html" no space and no problem at all !!! ...

    Will be happy if this little post help you to solve your problem ;-p good luck !

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  • I have added the playatomic code inside my C2 game to manage a leaderboard.

    On playatomic pannel I can see the right play data: sources, countries, etc.

    But the leaderboard doesn�t load any data and in the game I can�t submit the score (I click on the button without to get nothing).

    I tried to put the game on 3 different hosting.

    Do you think the problem could be my norton firewall?

    Here the game, modified to play for only 10 seconds, with the leaderboard:


    Thanks for the help! :-)

  • Hi,

    I get this same problem, i think this plugin should be marked as not working.

  • Hey all. I just want to address a couple things.

    • The plugin has been updated to version 0.5, which uses the latest version of playtomic. Unfortunately due to some updates, the older version that the plugin was using stopped working but that has been fixed now.
    • The demo version on the first page of the thread should be working again.
    • I stopped using the plugin myself because I found the service to be way too unreliable for a professional product. Things like the 503 errors that a lot of people were reporting aren't my fault and there's nothing I can do about it.
    • The data can be extremely slow to update sometimes, or doesn't get saved at all, or gives wrong information. For example right now even though leaderboards are giving me good data, the server tells me there are 0 plays even though I can see in the dashboard that it is incorrect. Again, unfortunately there is nothing I can do about this... I don't control the server, I just show what the server sends me.
    • Use at your own risk! Since I am not using this service anymore myself, I don't have time to keep updating it. If anybody else wants to take over, please feel free!
  • Dear wgfunstorm!

    Thank you for your kind and good work about the playtomic plugin. I used it, and it were perfect in side of C2. Unfortunately the Playtomic servers are not reliable, I found tons of questions about it in the Playtomic's community... no one understands what is happening.

    You told, that you do not use this anymore. Could you help us to find an alternate solution for this kind of functionality?

    I'm sure that you know something, it could be very kind if you can share your experience! :)

  • I'm really wanted to help Playtomic in their not so good situlation, but they do not accept PayPal payments, what is a must have for me. Additionally I can never figured out to record level specific data in Playtomic. :(

    As an alternative I've found a fresh C2 plugin, Clay.io, what makes not as sophisticated statistics than Playtomic, but have the leatherbords, and have some other strenghts, like Achievements, Cross Promotion and Ratings.

    Look at Clay.io plugin + thread here

    wgfunstorm tahnk you for your kind again work in playtomic integration, I think I'll need to switch to another solution... :(

  • Thanks for the tip Epox. I tried Clay.io out today and it's working very nicely for me.

    <font color="red">This plugin is no longer supported!</font>

    <font color="blue">If you are looking for a replacement I recommend you use the excellent Clay.io instead!</font>

    Unfortunately Playtomic always had big reliability issues, and now their future is very uncertain. I wish them the best, but I had to make the hard decision to stop using them because it just wasn't working well enough. This plugin is no longer supported. That means there will be no more updates, I won't fix anything, and if you have questions unfortunately I won't be able to help you anymore.

  • I would to appreciate your support to develop your own plugin, we will use clay.io for better support. Thanks!

  • wgfunstorm do you have playtomic plugin? i need to open few capx

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